Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Fragrance LOVE! (but still keeping my old love)

I have tried a million different perfumes.....
but I always go back to my "signature fragrance", that I've worn for about 10 years! Because it smells....A-to-the-May-Zing! My SUD PACIFIQUE Vanilla Extreme perfume!
It smells like a vanilla cake, and I always get 28 billion compliments (I just made that number up, but I do get a lot) when I wear it!

However, after a talk with my Vanilla Extreme, about how I will never replace her, I will always wear her first, I will just spray some extra spritzy-ness of the new gal on...she said ok. (And for all those that literally think I talk to my perfumes, it was just to be interesting...I really don't think my perfume has a brain.)

I NEVER like perfumes on me. I always think they:
*smell to musky
*smell too spicy
*smells to sickeningly sweet
*end result, I never find perfumes I when I found this one, I was like "hey, it's not too powdery, too sweet, too floral, too this or that"'s amazing.

It is by Costume National in SCENT GLOSS, it's light, fresh, slightly floral, orchid note but with hints of warmth so it isn't super sweet.

I spray the Vanilla Extreme, as usual on the back of neck and inner wrists. Then I spray the Scent Gloss on my clothes, or give an other spray to the sides of my neck...and sometimes I'll even spray it in my hair.

If you're looking for a good suggestion to tell anyone looking to buy you a Valentin's gift, this may a good one to add!

huge love and pretty bottles of perfume, your kandee



Mei Hua Sakura said...

Hey kandee, I have a few perfumes that I'm trying to finish up. Also hubby gave me one that I want to really use but I'm only at work all day all week. My colleague who sits next to me told me to go easy on it cuz she has allergies and headaches, but I want to wear em and finish em. Tell me what to do???

erica.morita said...

Hi Kandee, Thank you for the recommendation! Where would we buy it?

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy these?

Brandy said...

I'm interested to know what kind of purse u carry? Also where u get them? I'm in search of a new bag but it needs to be affordable and cute (punk rock & girlie) can u help with a website or store? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love bath and body works in country chic

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