Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I Fly with a Make-Up Kit

People always ask me:
How do you travel with your make-up when you fly?

ANSWER: I buy my make-up kit a ticket so it can sit in a seat like this? 
ha ha ha ha

But I thought this picture was hilarious!

I always travel anywhere with my make-up kit in one of my ZUCA BAGS, and this zebra and pink one is my favorite, the wheels even light up when it rolls!
Well, the last time I travelled with my kit, I just drove...and that's when I use my zebra zuca, which is the ZUCA SPORT.
The ZUCA SPORT, has fun prints and colors you can pick- and it's a little smaller, the wheel are on the side (which usually doesn't fit in overhead compartments on planes), and my favorite- THE WHEELS LIGHT UP and people are amazed!

When I fly, I usually remember to take my ZUCA PRO. This more, plain looking black one. 
It's taller, slimmer, the wheels are tucked inside, and it has fit in pretty much every overhead compartment on any airline I've ever flown.
The PRO ZUCA is great, it has compartments for everything and I can always fit some extra essentials that I might need.
Plus, my favorite is, when you're in the airport, or on set, or anywhere, you can sit or have your client sit on it as a chair (it's designed to hold up to 250 or 300lbs I think!)

So, back to my story...I forgot to switch the compartments from my Zuca Zebra bag into my PRO bag to fly....
My Zebra one (with the extra wide wheels, but oh so much cuter than the plain black one), as usual didn't fit into the overhead compartment. The stewardess said she could check it in with the other WHICH I said, OHHHH NOOOO- "I've got a lot fragile palettes in there! That's why I bring her with me on the plane!
The airline stewardess said I could just buckle it into an empty seat! And them you have the picture above which cracked me up!

So if you are a make-up artist and need a kit bag to fly with, or if you want to travel with a cool suitcase (these are designed for everything from ice skaters, to dancers, to school bags, to just suitcases)...these bags are amazing. The wheel roll smoother than a Cadillac too!
suitcases full of hugs, your kandee

"the best, essential item to travel with anywhere, is a "go-with-the-flo" attitude, expect trouble in life or travel so it won't surprise you and extra smiles to give to everyone you see!"-
 especially an airline stewardess that says you can buckle your make-up kit in a seat! ha ha ha

PS. I travel with all my larger than they allow liquid bottles or containers, in ziplock bags, wrapped in bubble wrap in my check-in suitcase.


Anonymous said...

Can you show us what you keep in your kit? I would love to see your collection x

Anonymous said...

Kandee my daughter is wanting a black leather bracelet like yours for her bday. It would be so wonderful if you could show a tutorial on it! :-)

meredith said...

How do u organize your makeup in here or better yet at home??? Would LovE tips for this bc I LovE everything else u do!!!!

Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Yes Please!!!

Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Love to see how you organize your kit when you fly or go to do makeup!!! I would love to see that... As I would love to fine ways to make it easier for me as well! Xo

Anonymous said...

Please do a what's in my Zuca Bag video

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