Saturday, January 14, 2012


A HUGE contest is going to launch on YOUTUBE TODAY! It's the Search for the NEXT BEAUTY GURU!

Here's my wayyyyyy excited video about it- I'm talking like 5 million words a minute! ha ha ha
But this is a huge opportunity for you guys!
I have no idea about the official rules or anything... I am just so excited to tell you guys about it!

I'd type all the details, but just watch the's one of the shortest videos I've ever made! ha ha ha

This is such a huge opportunity for one of you guys!
 The winner is going to be featured with so many beauty gurus like: Make-UpGeekTV, ItsJudyTime, JulieG713, Xsparkage, BorderHammer, DulceCandy87, MissChievous, PurseBuzz and my inspiration for starting on Youtube, Panacea81...and me!

Ok, I'll stop talking...or typing and you can just watch the video!
love you more than all the gurus in the world (ha ha ha) , kandee

PS. Don't forget to follow me on twitter while I'm tweeting live from the Golden Globes and the HBO BEAUTY LOUNGE TODAY- I'll give you the "inside-kandee-scoop" on what it's like!

PS... what stars do you want me to make sure I get a picture of, for you guys!?!?


iM8KYouUp! said...

I'm soooooo super duper extra excited about this!!! I hope I win ;)

Makeup2go said...

Kristen Stewart as her eye make-up is always awesome! :-) btw Kandee. Can we meet while I'm in LA in May? Xx

Makeup2go said...

If she's not nominated. Sofia Vergara

Erin said...

Mila Kunis.....she always looks amazing. Or Natalie Portman. They both loook great!:-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kandee,
I have been struggling with awful dark circles under my eyes (and I'm only 19!) I have tried tons of different concealers, but most of them make my undereye area look cakey or doesn't conceal enough. I use your triangle technique too! Could you please make a video on some other methods to help with undereye circles? At home remedies, eye creams, other concealers, ect? This is my biggest insecurity and it's all I see when I look in the mirror. Please help me!! :c

Anonymous said...

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE EYE SHADOW AND LIPSTICK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!??!? Please Please Please somehow respond anyway possible Please Please Please

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