Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Laugh & Why I'm so not like Jack Black...

This is me and my sister laughing.
We are laughing very hard, as you can plainly see.
We do not live near each other, this makes me not laugh.
We laugh exactly alike, as you will hear in the video.
we want you to watch this video and laugh....
We asked each other 20 Questions...

I filmed this TAG video with my sister on New Year's Eve day....
oh yeah, you might be askin', "what the sibling is a TAG video?"...

It's a video where you can make a video with your sister, brother, mother, hubby, boyfriend, bestie, whoever...and ask these same questions and post it on
TAG you're it! Now get ready to ask away....
I'll post the questions below this video....
get ready I make 2,847 faces....and I'm still baffled by the JACK BLACK and KIM KARDASHIAN answers!

Come hang out with me and my sister, get to know us and then post your videos wo we can all get to know each other and laugh! ha ha ha

*I miss my sister and have watched this video like 4 times, because I feel like I'm hanging out with her and it makes me laugh ever time!

1. Who is older?

2. What are your nicknames for each other?

3. What was your favorite thing to play together when you were little? (maybe doesn't apply if you're doing this with your bf or hubby...ha ha ha)

4. What's your favorite childhood (or any) memory with the other person?

5. What annoys the other person?

6. What is your sister's (friend's) least favorite food?

7. What is your sister's (or friends) favorite food?

8. If you could travel anywhere together, where would you go?

9. What did the other person want to be when they were little?

10. How would you describe the other person in one word?

11. What is something you wish you had like the other person?

12. How often do you call or talk to each other?

13. Do you have any inside jokes?

14. Who is taller?

15. What is something the other person does better than you?

16. What celebrity does the other person remind you of?

17. What is the other persons favorite song or type of music?

18. Heel or Flats?

19. What is the other person favorite movie?

20. What do you love most about the other person?

Now what are you answers......I TAG you all to do this.....make a video with whoever and title it the "SISTER TAG" "KANDEE'S SISTER TAG" or  "I'M NOT JACK BLACK TAG" (you have to see the video to know why! ha ha ha ha

sister hugs from me and my sasster- we love you like sisters! kandee and her sister, Tiffany


Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Loved it!!! I absolutely love the vids with your sister! The both of you together is too much! You remind me of my sister and I!

Anonymous said...

Love your videos Kandee! Hello from Prince Edward Island!

Charmaine said...

Hi Kandee! Awesome video! TFS

yesica:) said...

How cute <3 I love my sister also n idk what I'd do with out her it must be hard to live so far away from her I'd hate that :( but either way you guys will always be close

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