Friday, January 27, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Winter at the Beach

 With my cutest accessory, little Cupcake (not her real name..ha ha ha) the beach in Southern California...I just had to walk on the sand for just a few minutes. I didn't need to spend the day there, or even hours, just a few minutes to feel the sand under my feet, play with the sand in our hands, and take in how amazing and peaceful it is to watch the ocean and the waves.
 Plus, it was hot and about 95% of all the other females I saw were super tan and in bikinis...except for me and my pale, clothes self. ha ha ha But here's what I had on:
*black stretch skinny jeans
*long, loose black tank top (i think I got at Brass Plum- the younger women's department at Nordstom)
*belted with my super old black belt with silver rings, that I got a Ross like 80,000 years ago
*black fringe cuff I got at a costume/vintage store  on Melrose, I think it was American Vintage
*black jelly bracelets, my watch and my huge turquoise rock ring that I just got at a store in the mall that was going out of business
*and my chain necklace, I made like 10 years ago out of some scrap piece of chain I got somewhere
*beach essential sandal- I love Havaiana flip-flops in purple for a pop of color
 I love palm trees
 And my make-up of the day was:
~nude pink mouth with pink shimmer eye shadow dabbed on the center of the lips
~grey-blue smokey eye - that I watched this smokey eye TUTORIAL to remember how I did it! ha ha

I really miss living by the beach...and I enjoyed every single second  we got to stand on the beach! Even if it was only for 5 minutes!

wishing we could all be sitting on the beach together today, typing this not near the sand...(ha ha ha)...
your kandee

PS. what's your favorite color flip flop and winter fun toe nail color!?!
I went with a "neon kelly green-turquoise"!



GodsGirl said...

I wish i was at the beach too with clothes on. I'll take some flip flops, T-shirt, and Capri pants anyday.....awwww and nowhere to go so i can stay there all day. Chillaxin.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to goto the beach toooo. 0-0

Anonymous said...

What beach was that?

Maranda said...

Your daughter is so adorable. She looks just like you! Your little mini-me :) very cute Kandee!

Anonymous said...

You always find time to look at your best! Eventhough u have lil ones!!! Your cupcake is so beautiful just like her mommy ;-) i have three kidz and i love taking them to the beach too! Thank u for making us part of your life!! PS. I love watching your videos!

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