Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Popular Car Colors for Your Nails!

 Did you know that the world's most popular car colors for 2011 (according to the DuPont Automotive Car Color Report) were:
1st place:
White/ Pearl White & Silver were tied
2nd place:
Black / Black Effect

I didn't even realize this until I thought about some of by favorite-of-all-time, go to nail polish colors that I've loved since I first bought nail polishes and they seem like same colors as all the cars I've ever had! ha ha ha (well, my very first car was a truck, that was kinda silvery-blue)

I've always loved white (no pearl, just plain white), black, and silver! They make any manicured, polished nails, have a little edge, a little modern edge, and can't help but feel a little rock n' rolly and tough.

So I was enticed by the beautiful display of Zoya nail polishes at Whole Foods....I also love them because they are toxin-free nail polishes! (No formaldehyde - yay!)
how fun would it be to have this whole wall too choose from!?!?
I already own the Zoya (white nail polish) in Purity, but I bought the RAVEN, which is black with a slight metallic look and TRIXIE, which is an awesome, tin, metallic silver!

And for the second week in a row they were sold out of the Anchor Base Coat, which I have been really wanting to try because everyone has raved about it. So I just bought the Get Even base coat!

And know hopefully with my basecoat, my nails will be as tough as a Hummer,  glossy as car paint,   sleek as a sports car, as shiny as chrome, and cool as a hot rod!

here's to nail polish colors that even guys will love, your kandee



Anonymous said...

Could you please do a review of the new cosmetic lines at target, such as Pixi, SK, NP and/or Boots No 7? Ive been searching for reviews but no one has done any. Pretty pretty please with cherries on top of a strawberry cupcake :) ...and sprinkles too!

urdreamgrlxmr said...

Hey kandee ..I just want you to try bumble and bumble styling creame..its a product I can't live without! Its for root lifting, you wana make sure after you wash your hair its the first product you put on your roots. When you first blow dry I might feel a little hard to work with but its amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

All of those polishes and only a handful of blue ones, :(

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