Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 Good Hair Days in 1- A NEW HAIR VIDEO

 Who wouldn't love to have a guaranteed 2 good hair days?!?
I'm gonna show you how to get this chic and romantic side bun- I've got a brand spankin' new video for you guys! (It's below)
1. It's easy. On an easy scale I give this 2 combs up!
2. It's fast. On the speed scale, I give this an out the door in less time than it takes to listen to 2 songs on your ipod. (maybe even one if the song is 4 minutes long!)
 It's pretty, sweet, looks effortlessly done and has a gentle girly-ness.
For all those people, like me who try to wash their hair every other day (as advised by every hair stylist too, to save that hair color job!)...after you wear your hair like this- it looks amazing with pretty "beachy curls"....me showing off my day 2 locks from the video...

Bobby Pins
you don't need all these, but I'm just showing all the junk I put up in my hair- my hair is thinner than angel hair pasta so I gotta put a lot of junk to make it look like I'm not going bald!

Now cozy up with your combs, sit back and let's hang out for a few minutes!

I love you more than a lifetime of good hair day,  your kandee

and remember: "If all that made your day bad, was a bad hair- you really didn't have a very bad day at all!"...ha ha ha ha


erika said...

I would looooove to know where you got that shirt in the 4th picture down, the day 2 one. Im in love with it. So cute!

Ashley Dawn said...

Kandee love your videos and posts! They really make my day!

cowgirl_up said...

I have slightly curly hair, but I think this could work!:) Thx. P.S. my daughter did her own make-up for prom using your tutorials, and she looked AMAZING! even did the "faux" lashes and everything!

Anonymous said...

i love you so much kandee! watching your videos always makes me feel good about myself.

Mamajbean said...

What about the anchor necklace...did I kiss that information?

Mamajbean said...

MISS, not kiss

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