Monday, January 9, 2012

4 Ways To Look Good In The Morning

Ok, you guys may think this is a joke....
You may be thinking, "she calls that picture looking good, yeah right! More like, brush your hair, puffy face!".....ha ha ha ha
But this is what I call, bravely posting a picture of my self straight after, brushing my teeth in the morning.

#1. The fastest way to "looking good" in the morning is to brush that funk off your teeth!
-yeah sure this may not necessarily help your looks...but I don't care how pretty someone is, if they have's just hard to ever forget that stench-memory.

#2. Go to sleep with a full face of make-up on.
ha ha ha ha....ok, so you might wake up with at least one of your eyes still wearing that winged eyeliner, and only half of your face, not rubbed off on your, now, gross looking pillow. But hey...some mascara might have still, clung on.
-actually it just makes my skin feel, dirty, dry and like bacteria is just cooking up a big platter of, blemishes for me. I suggest a fresh wash at bed time, treat your skin to a good moisturizer while you sleep, and my fav a coating of Alba Un-Petroleum, especially around the eyes, and you'll wake up with glowing hydrated, clear skin!

#3. Do not go to bed with damp hair-
This will, and I almost promise you, cause you to wake up looking like half your head is trying a Bob Marley natty dread look, and the other half could do a tutorial on Edward Scissorhand's hair.
~A tip, I used to do, take about a quarter size amount of olive oil, rub it together in your hands, and rub it through your hair, coating the ends really well. Wrap it on plastic wrap (so it doesn't get all over your pillow), and wash it out in your morning shower. That's how I kept the ends of my hair healthy when it was really long!

#4. The Good Night Kiss of Moisture
The last thing that should kiss your lips before you pack your beauty bags for dreamland is some good lip conditioning balm. Let those soup coolers of yours, plump of and soften all night with a good smathering of your fav lip balm. By my bed, I have a Treat Soft Candy Old Fashioned Jumbo Lip Balm in Vanilla Buttercream. It last you forever, tastes like cotton candy, and is 100% all natural- I'm a   lip balm fanatic and have been since I was in the Bonne Bell LipSmackers club when I was about 7, and this is the best lip balm ever!

And pretty much every guy, much to my "are you serious-ness?", has said they like me, and pretty much all girls without make-up on. Now, most guys have no clue how much make-up a girl has on, even when she looks like she's wearing make-up. I remember my highschool boyfriend once saying, "I love how you don't wear any make-up"....I wasn't sure if that should be a compliment or not, I mean, I put make-up on...could he not tell, was there not enough on, what was wrong...I just chalked it up to, "oh well, maybe he just thinks I'm naturally pretty!"...
Well, I once dated a guy, who was an artist, who loved to watch me put my make-up on. He would ask if he could watch me put my make-up on, because he said it was like watching art. I thought that  was romantic, artsy, and what, girl doesn't mind having a guy like you so much that he'd want to admire you putting make-up on. Instead of hearing a guy complain and ask why it takes you so long! ha ha ha "hey man, pretty doesn't wake up pretty sometimes! I might wake up feeling pretty, but then I walk by the mirror!" ha ha ha ha ha

Make-Up and Minty Morning Breath (well, ofcourse you don't wake up minty, but you know what I mean), your kandee



Lenny Toucan said...

That last part reminded me of this song from Oliver and Company - don't know if you've seen it but it's a Disney classic! Bette Middler <3

YleNiAp16 said...

you r really beautiful even without make-up on kandee!!

Unknown said...

I actually snorted when you said stench-memory! Thats something that me and my mama would say. This is so true, you always have the best tips!

Hilary said...

Hi, first you have a really beautiful skin.!! So pretty :)
I have a question, I have small acne problem is not to bad.. but I started to have some acne marks on my face and I don't really know how to hide them.. I have used different foundations but now one covers me right.. do you know about some foundation that could be perfect for my problem? H e l p !!
BTW- I have oily skin. :)

75gs said...

Do u put the olive oil on Ur hair dry or wet.... I didn't get that! Lol! :))

Anonymous said...

I laught when i was reading this becayse my fiance always said that i look perfect without make-up but it is that because i take so long putting It he just prefered me looking like blahhh and leave the house faster!

yesica:) said...

Lol I sometimes try to leave my makeup on when I go to bed so in the morning when I would see my bf I wouldn't scare him without Any makeup on haha but it seemed like I would rub my eyes n forget I had makeup on n all my eye liner would get all under my eyes haha n that was scarier

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