Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Favorites of the Week!

What's that time?!? It's time for the Sunday wrap up...
bringing you "awesome" random pictures from my iphone, like the one below....
Nothing like surprise pictures you took that you didn't know about...almost as awesome as recording a video when you put your phone in your purse! 

It's now how many times a day you feel like giving up, it's how many times you say, I'm gonna keep going- and count all the blessing in your life, and keep marching on with a smile and thankfulness for being able to breathe!

FAVORITE QUESTION OF THE WEEK (on my facebook page):
What is on your nightstand?
This is so fun, and I had no idea how much you could learn about a person by asking this question! I loved reading all your answers!
Feel free to answer below too!

AND here is the one video I uploaded this week, It was my video about my whole Golden Globe weekend, and some fun things that you may not have ever known about those fancy award shows- like the fancy treatment in the bathrooms!

I was going to upload my "red carpet make-up look" video...and somehow, I've never done this before, but I accidentally deleted the whole file I edited, even the prject file in imovie got deleted! So I had to edit it again...which I can only do at night, so I was up til 4am last night, and well, now it's 1:55am and I just finished it! ha ha ha It will be up monday, I think!
I think it came out better the second time, anyway! ha ha ha

HUGE HUGS and bathrooms full of make-up artists to touch up your make-up...wouldn't that be great if they were in every bathroom?..ha ha ha ha



Anonymous said...

kandee i love you sow much like someone have never done it before! you inspired me more then anyone, you made my dreams come closer, you helped me being more beautiful then i am, you and lady gaga are sow an inspiration, i love you more then anything in this world, i wish you the best, i wish that all your dream come true and that you carrier would be the best one ever, i love you from the deep of my heart, and i wish that you make a video of a lady gaga makeup because lady gaga i sow creative sow as you, I love You ad See You At The Next Video! <3<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

hoo and my acctual name is Eddie and my facebook name is PopRock and my name on youtube is TheEddieGaga i love you more then anyone! ;( you make me sow happy and inspaiering! i LOVE YOU!!

Laci said...

Thankyou for all the time you put into your videos for us. i love your videos and your blogs so its really appreciated. i love u kandee! :) hope u have an awesome Sunday.... Ik i am! (im celebrating my 18th bday with my family today)

VeroLovesYou said...

I have a MESS on my nightstand! D: What does that say about me??

GodsGirl said... i don't have a nightstand. No room for one. LOL .....I guess I use the other side of my bed where i keep ( at random ) everything! Its so Funny!

corinne rodriguez said...

Dear Kandee,
Je n'ai rien compris à ce que tu as dit. Tu parles trop vite
Corinne from France

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