Sunday, January 15, 2012

Before & After (and a peek into a red carpet suite)

 Here's me AFTER: and what I'm wearing is, what I threw together after I realized I didn't like anything I had to put on! ha ha ha
A vintage-looking, jacket I got a Dillard's, on sale for $ old vinage rhinestone brooch and vintage earrings, my mom got me for Christmas (they are clip-ons, look how red my ears got from them in the pics below! ha ha ha), and a cool rocker-esque, rhinestone and studded, faux-fur clutch from Imoshion. You can't see my shoes, but they were the Gabbor shoe from Steve Madden. (very vintage looking)
 This was me BEFORE, no make-up or hair, waiting in the HBO Luxury Lounge, in the L'Oreal Paris Beauty many celebs were in there, from all the shows on HBO to Chuy from Chelsea Handler to Tina Fey and all the people from that show, True Blood, which I've never seen..ha ha ha
I was hoping Gwen Stefani would walk in while I was there, since she's in L'Oreal commercials!
 This is what the gift bags looked was so funny, everyone was talking about how the smell of Elnett Hairspray reminds them of their moms getting all glammed up when they were little!
 I was instantly in love with all the gold chairs and furniture! Makes me wonder if I should've gone with a gold couch instead of hot pink!?!
 The lights were even made out of lipstick tubes! I love it! How creative are they!
 Look at the Mani/Pedi area.....i just want those chairs!
 A peek at the Make-Up Artists table.
 Me after the amazing, celebrity hair stylist, Johnny Lavoy did my hair! I said, do whatever you want"...and he made this amazingly, fun, rocker, chic updo!
 The sweet, Kristee Liu (and yes, we both loved that we are "K" names that end in "ee")...did my make-up in the beauty suite too! It was so fun to have someone else do  my make-up.
 Me and Johnny Lavoy at the L'oreal party.....with his hair, that everyone was asking how I did it- which I just pointed to Johnny!
I saw some "beauty" friends there....Maxine who own Vanity Girl Hollywood, that makes the most amazing vanity mirrors! And we were posing with Jeffrey Paul, who is a friend and celebrity make-up artist, posing as the Godfather! He is so funny...we laughed so hard the entire time! Neither me, nor Jeff drink, and I think we had more fun than all the people who were drinking! ha ha ha
and here is the most after of them all after I took my hair down and took off my "clip-on" earrings...that hung on for dear life on my red ears!

Let me know if you guy want me to upload a video of the make-up I'm doing for tonight?

so excited...don't forget I'll be tweeting live, all about what I see! yay!

huge and fancy hair, your kandee


shakingpaper said...

Yes yes yes! Pictures videos please! Even scratch n sniff stickers if that's possible. We love you Kandee!

jemmalee said...

Yes definitely a video :) you are the best! Haha you are so positive and happy all the time and I love it! I was so tired this morning, had to get up at 5 with my boyfriend to see him before he goes to work, he has been on holidays for a month! And I was struggling but after I watch some of your videos I always feel better haha makes me feel very positive about everything! Love your videos! :) p.s I am a nanny and looove babies haha and your baby is so adorable! Her smile is so so cute haha

Elina said...

It would me awesome with à video! Love you Kandee you are the best! :)

Shelbie said...

Yes kandee please post videos!!!! I wanna see more of what you did there :) I get so excited to see all your videos...I've told all my friends about you and there all addicted to your videos!!! Please post more! Love you xoxoxo

kary said...

U look amazing..ur so beautiful and inspiring Kandee. That place looks like a heaven. Gorgeous!! xo from PR

Anonymous said...

whats the name of that beautiful lipstick ur wearing? I want it!

Melissa said...

Hi Kandee!! Just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are and how you always brighten my day with your blogs and YouTube vids! Your the best and I admire you so much! Xoxo

GodsGirl said...

Awesome! I think the getting ready part would have been the highlight!

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