Monday, January 2, 2012

8 Ways and Tips to Get In Shape For The New Year:

(And just in case anyone wants to know about the headphones- I got them a couple of years ago for Christmas, here's the linky: Aerial7 Tank Headphones)
I think the most popular time to go to the gym has got to be right after new years, when everyone has made their resolution to "lose weight". And I bet right about 3-6 weeks later, maybe even 2-3 days later, people have given up, lost interest, or said, maybe next week, month, new years.....awww forget it, I'm gonna eat another cupcake!

I miss running. I miss feeling great. Having lots of energy. I really miss running though. My day didn't feel right unless I had gone running. It helped me process all my thoughts, have tons on energy...and I was quite impressed with my calf muscles that just look kind like, well...a little more defined and less,just kinda squishy.

So, yes, I want to get back into shape. Feel great...and in the process I might lose some weight, but I don't own a scale, so I don't even really know how much I weigh right now.

*I have friends that are addicted to weighing themselves, they weigh themselves up to 3 times a day. Well, of course you're gonna weigh less after you poop! Or weigh more after you've eatten or even had a huge glass of water! So I don't weigh myself, I just know when my pants are too tight or too loose! But, occasionally I'll step on the scale at my moms and see where I'm at. The worse was when I was pregnant and I'd have to see how much I weighed all the time!

Here's some get in shape basics:
(and yes, my getting in shape after baby video still needs to be edited, but I did film it...I even shoe how I work out with baby...I'll put it on my "random" youtube channel,, I think.

1. Every day is a new chance to make some great choices.
2. choose to: eat to live not to live to eat
3. decide on a healthy breakfast like a smoothie or an apple instead of a donut or sugary filled muffin

4. Every day you don't do something towards your goal, you're gonna' regret it- guaranteed!
5. You're never gonna say, man I'm sure glad I polished of that entire pizza and ate a whole sheet of cookies! But you will, say, "I'm so proud of myself, I ate more veggies, green foods, and who knows, maybe even some Fish Oil, Flax Seeds or Kale and Blueberry Smoothie.

6. Think about how great you're going to feel everyday that you can say, I ate great and I worked out, even if it was just dancing to your favorite song!
7. start small- just spend 10 minutes dancing to your favorite songs- you'll be amazed how time will fly and you will have worked up a sweat!
8. try doing 10 push ups, 10 jumping jacks and 10 crunches, then work up to 20, then eventually 100!

You'll never know how great you will feel or how great your body can look if you don't do anything to get that way.

Start today.
~Drink water instead of soda. (even if you say you don't like how "water tastes"...ha ha ha)
~Eat a banana, apple, or an orange instead of a candy bar, chips, or cookies.
~Instead of a big dessert or chocolate, sip some yummy tea with honey, agave nectar, or a little sugar.
~And tell yourself, you can have it later. You know what it tastes like, just think of how it tastes, remember the flavor...and imagine how great you're gonna look without having to burn off all those extra calories!
~Take some almonds or cashews or an apple with you to snack on when you go out, so you don't get overly hungry and cave in to fast food.

We can get in shape and feel great together! Off to go blend up my smoothie!

huge hugs and cheers with my smoothie.... your kandee

So, I'm thinking of doing a little "Get in Shape" kinda video...what do you think?
What would you guys like to see?
What might help?
Would it help if we all helped encourage each other?


Kassandra Schultz said...

All very important facts couldn't have said it better myself. They say first 2 weeks of clean eating is the hardest because your body will crave the not so healthy thing you used to put in it. After that it does get easier. I think eat really great all well and have a cheat meal once on a Sunday or Saturday. It will actually boost your body's metabolism .

KateH said...

You always motivate me Kandee! A 'Get in shape' video would be fabulous right about now! :)
Happy running!

Anonymous said...

Make a video

Anonymous said...

Pllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee make a video!!! I'd love to see your diet and excercise tips! More healthy living videos would be awesome!

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

A get in shape video sounds great :)
Love this post, so inspiring! Will be coming back to re read it every time I feel like I'm failing or giving in!
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Lovely Lynda said...

A video would be awesome

Peaceandbrie said...

I think encouraging each other and helping each other is a fab idea! If anyone wants to be "get in shape buddies" hit me up! :)

Ericka Akerberg said...

I would love seeing a video! I mean, I an 14, but I'm still interested, haha! I love watching you an all your quirky videos!(:

tina said...

Make a video would love to know more or better ways to eat and stay in shape

Therese said...

I just decided to start running because I'm depressed and can't seem to get out pf the house.
Your tips are tops and your vids are fab!

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful inside and out! you always bring a smile to my face :) i cant wait for the video!!!!!

ThriftyGirlDesigns said...

Yes please post a video for getting in shape!! :) I started exercising about a month ago and if I don't do some sort of exercise every day, I don't feel as good, I have Fibromyalgia, so I need to keep moving or I will hurt worse!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see easy no equipment needed excercise routines and easy healthy food recipes! That would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am excited to see your "Get in Shape" vid!

My reolution from last year was to get in shape, and I lost 20 pounds this last year :) This year, my reslotuion was my diet. i switch from regular dairy milk to Almond Milk, and doubling up my exercises!

It's so hard to get into the routine of running...but once you do, it doesn't feel right without a morning jog!

I'd love to see the stretches u do before running, i always get cramps so fast haha

Berrit Bites said...

Oh I'm right there with you. When our Shih Tzu got pregnant and I had to stick with her last year until birth, then 24/7 with 5 puppies? I lost my time for me, and I JUST started getting back to working out, even if it's only a few minutes. I go by what I see in the mirror. And I can see that extra 2 inches that need to go bye bye now from around the waist! haha good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you truely are an inspiration & I would absolutely love to see a video as well as encouragement from everyone. A few things that have helped me (or I have heard works)

1- eat on a smaller plate. You'll trick your mind into eating less.
2- put lemon in your water- speeds up metabolism (extremely ice cold water does also)
3- never make an unrealistic goal, stress added isn't any fun, we are all beautiful in our own ways
4- get a buddy and do it together ;)
5- remember to eat! It is important! ;).

Libera C. said...

You always bring me happiness! Thank you from Italy!!!! said...

Yes, how about a no equipment needed video esp for those of us who are flat broke after Christmas. Perhaps a beginners jog video. For instance walk, small jog or trotting until your body builds enough sta
mina and endurance. Then after six to eight weeks you ard ready to jog/ fast walk or something along those ideas. Some of us are not able to jog a full mile or whatever distance it may be due to being out of shape, knee and/or back injuries.

I think you are so natural and beautiful to watch in all of your ptesentations

Anonymous said...

Need to get in shape in less then 14day,help please will be very thankful.
My problem is not bad eating.I eat fruits and vegetables.I didnt have candies for two years,and dont realy want to.I dont eat meat only fish.I can have only salat per day,but the weight wound go down
My height is 1.81cm and my weight is 56.5 kg.Want to get to 55 or 54:-(

Very sorry for my English,I live in Czech republic and originaly Im from Russia.
thank you have a nice day

Randi Leanne said...

Dear Kandee! Thank you so much for this blog! Your words have helped me a lot lately! I think a 'Get in Shape' video or set of them would be awesome! Like everyone else, my new years goal is also to be more healthy. For me, diet isn't a huge part of the problem, it is more getting the motivation to be more active. Since you are full of motivation, I think I'd turn to your videos all the time! Thanks again Kandee! So looking forward to reaching this year's goal with your help :) wishing you well in 2012!! Love your spirit! Randi Leanne :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! I would love to see a video on how to manage stress? I want to become a healthier me for the new year and my stress has been holding me back.

xoxox love you Kandee!

Kelly P. said...

I would love a video on some yummy smothie recipes. :)

Happy Cakin' said...

I badly need to get into shape and I am working at it already! Your posts are so thoughtful and caring and motivating! Your post was so motivating and your picture was so invigorating and I was so very in love with those headphones and your tips that I went straight away and shelled out the 80 dollars to get those awesome headphones and I just know when they they get here I'm going to feel like no one can mess with me and I want to run for ten miles! they make me want to excerise. Yay for looking awesome with awesome accessories while we work out! Thanks and I just love you as a person!

Kristi Drennan said...

Yes!! Do a get in shape video! I'm really loving your videos and positive energy! For reals ....totally watch you when I need a happy boost. :)

Alex W said...

My new years res is to eat healthy and to work out so me and my friend are going to go jogging every monday wednesday andd friday. Then afterwards do yoga on the beach! :)

Anonymous said...

I Would Really LOVE if You Made Some Getting Fit Videos/Recipies OR Blogs! That is the motivation we need(:

Love You Kandee<3

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