Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Bass- Base Coat That Is

Behind every great man, is a great woman....
And behind every good looking manicure is a base coat...
And just like Nicki Minaj sang...Super Bass...she could've sang about a SUPER BASS (base)  COAT of polish!

(yes, I know, I miss my yellow rose ring too, but alas most things plastic, eventually crack!)

So, I've known for years how it's essential to use a base coat before you polish, to smooth out ridges in your nails, prevent the nails from yellowing, to make the polish last longer, but I'm sure some of you, like me,  have been either:
a) out of base coat
b) didn't really think base coat was necessary
c) or didn't have time to paint on a base coat before polishing your nails turquoise

So the one reason that polishing my nails drives me cray cray, is that you take all the time to do, then day 2 your fingers look all trashy and chipped after you take a shower, wash dishes, or something.

Love your leopard nails..better make em' last with a base coat!

BUT, I just got my BASE COAT love revived. When I got to go the L'Oreal Beauty Suite, I got offered a manicure...and the manicurist was talking about how much she loved the L'Oreal  Colour Riche One Stop Base...
and I was A-to-the-May-Z'ed...when almost 6 days later I still had polish that didn't look all "90's grunge nails".

So I thought I'd round up some fo the most buzzed about base coats....que the Nicki Minaj...
What's the BEST BASE COAT for your nails?

L'oreal Colour Riche One Stop Base
Well, I went to Wallgreen's to find the L'Oreal One Stop Base- and they were sold out!

Sally Hansen Insta-Grip
They claim 30 seconds to lock on color!

CND Stickey Base Coat
This seems to be a fav and has won some "reader's choice" awards.

OPI Start To Finish -Formaldehyde Free Version

Natural Nail Base Coats:
ZOYA Anchor Base Coat
People say this works way better than the CND Stickey Base Coat- and I tried to buy this at Whole Foods and it was sold out too!

Sparitual Lacquer Lock Base Coat
I heard this stuff was pretty amazing! I've seen it at the beauty supply store. And I love, love, love their rubber handles. You'll never have the problem you do with OPI, where you can't get the cap off- you need to soak it, chisel it, brake a wrist..you get the ides- to get it open!

There's some others that I've tried, like the Seche Vite Base Coat...wasn't my favorite.

Let me know, what are your  favorite "super base" coats!

Just try it and watch how it makes the difference in your polish- it makes your nails look smooth, like fake nails- glossy, shiny and that polish will stick like super-glue!

Don't just cover your bases...cover your nails with base coat! ha ha ha

Wanna See my tutorial for the leopard print nails? I love these!

super nails and super base.... your kandee



SuperHerosWife said...

Hey Kandee ;~*) I do my nails about every 4 days, and have lots of practice! I've found that a paper plate and a mechanical pencil, are MY best friends, for nail designs. You can use any polish that you have and the pencil gives me more control on my non-dominant hand. I think every girl should get nail polish THINNER (Sally's beauty supply $6), extends the life of your polish in the bottle, so it doesn't dry out in the bottle! Oh my other nail BFF is Sally Hansen Instant Dry. Really dries in 30 seconds and it's only about $5 at Walgreen's ;~*)

Anonymous said...

Omg love the nails were did u get those mail pens?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

What do u think abot the new gel polishes comming out? Suppose to have base top, super shinny, fast drying and last weeks!

littlejen said...

You should try nails stamping plates. They have a leopard print an it's easy to do yourself. Right now I have peacock print on my nails.

Olga said...

Try the new red nails manicure gel polish kit. It's awesome and stays loooooong!

Anonymous said...

I love this leopard tutorial!!! I love leopard prints on almost anything... I have shoes, shirts, purse, necklace, watch, earrings with the print and now this?! WOW!!! it's like so amazing!! THANKS Kandee for making this tutorial!!! Luv you lotz!! :) take care

Anonymous said...

I love my CND Stickey Base Coat. My nails would crack and chip just like you said after showering, dishes, or giving little man a bath. The first time I used this I was blown away. I did my nails a couple days before visiting my parents for a week and when I left they looked like I just had them done still! I also love the Sally Hansen Instant Dry top coat. It's perfect for when I want to redo my manicure at night after the little one is in bed and don't want to wait forever for it to set enough to jump into bed. Put that bad boy on, wait about 5 min for good measure and they're set enough to get under the covers without ruining your polish. My two new nail polish loves <3

Anonymous said...

Your lepord nails are soooo cool! Thank you for the video! <3 you ;D hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love lepord print too! :D

Anonymous said...

For really long lasting nails... The CND Shellac is amazing! Stays for weeks! Lots if amazing colors... Worth trying:)

Anonymous said...

the essie 3 way glaze and the good to go topcoat are my favorites :) the 3 way glaze is a base, top and strengthener all in one. the good to go is a super-fast drying topcoat that will even dry some of my older, thicker and more difficult polishes! love!

Anonymous said...

Wow i would luv to hang out with u 1 day candy. u luv everything that i do!!! i luv the nails. n the rings make ummmmmmmmm popin:))
I cnt wait to be the next loreal guru.....i the looks for everyday beauty.
*.*.*.*............XoxOxoxo Breann.........*.*.*.€> €> €>
U can also look on my fb page its under Breann b romero

Heather said...

I like the good ole fashioned opi Nail Envy. It strengthens my nails and its a good base. Sometimes when I'm using a real topcoat eating glitter I will do a coat of gelish in between to help smooth it out some. As for topcoats... I LOVE seche vite. It dries super fast and is a real shiner:)

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