Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's Why Your New Year is Gonna BE AMAZING!

Sometimes instead of feeling excited, we have the New Years Blues....

And I want to share with you a video that is my 2012 gift to you... (and has became a Kandee Youtube Tradition...my New Year's Video)....

So get ready to banish the blues and forget the troubles of yesteryear and get excited to see how great 2012 is going to be for you:

Whether you lost someone you love, lost yourself, lost your hope, your happiness.
Or feel like you're in  a funk, you don't know if your dreams will come true, if you'll ever find love...if things will ever work out.
If you've had family or relationship problems or you want to finally lose weight...let me encourage your heart...

And remember....
(don't let the poop of your past, stink up the blossoming garden of your future)...

Leave all the junk, hurt, sadness, hopelessness of 2011 in 2011...
it's time to step out, dare to dream, dare to dance, to speak up...to feel great, to smile more, to hope more...
it's time to leave bitterness behind you...and walk out in love and let your heart shine and make all those around you feel better because you brightened their day with a smile, a compliment, or even a "have a great day"....

If you're carrying around all the junk from 2011, you arms won't be empty to carry all the great things waiting for you in 2012!

All of us went through some rough spots in 2012...let leave those painful spots in last year-
Don't dwell on the past hurts, problems, disappointments or people.
Think about the change you want, the hope you will dwell on, the good in every possible situation, that you are going to carry on new love, more love, more to give to the world around you.

Come and hang out with me in this video....I made it for you, each one of you....

REMEMBER- it's not how you start that counts- it's how you make it through, over and past something!

Don't worry about what's in your past, what you'd do differently...focus on what you want to do and do differently IN THE FUTURE, from here on out!

1. Today- be bold.
2. Do something you don't normally do.
3. Say hi to someone that needs a smile.
4. Write a list of all the things that make you happy. (from magazines to a song or even a sunset)
5. Write a list of 5 things that you want to have happen or at least start this year.
5. Try at least one time in the day, to make a better choice eating. (say no to dessert, drink water instead of soda, put that second cookie down...)
6. While you're getting your pajamas on, stop and do 10 squats.
7. If you lost someone in 2011, think...I'm gonna make 2012 great and live it to the fullest in their honor.
8. If you've been sad or depressed lately, write a list of 5 things that made you happy as a kid. Some of the things are probably the same, if you liked playing with a camera or drawing, it's probably still the same.

At last but not least-
Go into this year knowing that:
*I believe in you.
*I love you just how you are.
*I think you are perfect just as you are right this second.
*What you have to say is important, and the world needs to hear your thoughts to.
*Wherever you are is the best place to be, because you are there.
*You have talents like a snowflake, that no one else has like yours!
"You are more beautiful than you know,
More talented than you think,
And more loved than you can imagine"!-
I love you and the world is going to know how great you are in 2012...
I love you, your kandee


Josefine said...

Dear sweet Kandee!

On your other blog you show us your sister's homemade iPhone case! Could you make a video and show us how to do one, hers was really pretty!!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are such an inspiration. I love your outlook on life and joy you hold in your heart! Thanks soooooo much for this post(: I think im going to do a few lil excersised each day now!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are truely a blessing in this world, people who are unable to see you for the sweet and genuine person that you are and who criticize without taking the time to see your beautiful heart are clearly lacking something in their life, pray for them and let it go they are not worth getting upset over

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are truly an amazing beautiful woman that has inspired me in so many ways. U have helped me with my depression and and negative self talk. Keep being the amazing human being you are; you are helping save so many! Don't ever let any haters make a dent in ur vibrant personality! Stay awesome and don't ever give up doing the amazing things you do!! Best of all in 2012!! :))

Chrism83@optonline.net said...

I went out on new years with my close friends and found myself crying at any moment. 2011 was the Hardest year of my Life and unfortunately I would love to live and let go but I can't help the things following me. I wish hope and pray for change every night when I go to sleep and everyday when I wake up. I know its only day 3 but it's hard when you always feel mentally Ans physically beaten down. Thank you or your video.

Anonymous said...

Kandee i think you are a really sweet person youve really inspired me. Ive been really upset lately Over a guy but you have truly made me get 90 percent happier. Thanks for being here and taking your valuable time to inspire me . God bless you

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