Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 3 Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist: Johnny Lavoy

This was the awesome creation that celebrity hairstylist and hair expert for L'Oreal Paris, Johnny Lavoy, styled up with my ultra-thin hair when I gave him full creative control! I loved it and got so many compliments all night! (I wish he could do my hair all the time!)

So, while he was shaping and pinning my hair, which he did super fast and with hardly any hair pins!)...I asked him a few of his top tips for hair. So here they are:

#1. Always put in some sort of product, especially a root lift, like what he sprayed in my hair:
EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray, he sprayed it in my dry hair, and said it's great because there's no drying alcohol in it like most root lift sprays. (It's paraben-free, and 100% vegan)

#2. If you have curly hair, don't disturb the curl while it dries.
That is, don't scrunch it, smash it, fluff it, separate it while it's wet. He set to let it dry using a diffuser, then add your products and style once the curls have set in their natural curl shape.

#3. EVERYONE, no matter what their hair type, thin, oily, frizzy, thick, dry, must do a conditioning treatment in their hair once a week.
Johnny said this is the one thing people NEED to do. He recommended the EVER SLEEK Sulfate-Free Smoothing Deep Conditioner. He said 1-2 times a week and watch how different you're hair will be!

Reasons why I love Johnny:
Johnny made my hair look amazing in just a few minutes.
I found out he has some killer Michael Jackson dance moves.
And he had a really great blue steel face for pictures:
hope these tips help make your hair extra "love vs just love/hate with your hair"....
huge hugs and wishing Johnny was doing my hair today, your kandee


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Anonymous said...

OMG I love Johnny Lavoy! :)

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