Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun Ways to Store Lipsticks or Jewelry

I love fun ways to store make-up or jewelry.
I think it's fun if your make-up table, dresser, or looks like fun boutique with your lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadows, rings, or earrings displayed in cute and fun ways like this!
It will make you feel like you have your own little "beauty boutique" or "glam boudoir" to get ready in.
 I saw these little, delicate, girly, vintage looking dish type things at Target...and they said, "Put me in your cart...we want to come home with you!" I did.
And I love, love, love the green giant "jack" great gramma has a giant "jack" that is a doorstop...she's had it for many years. It's an antique and it reminds me of being little at her house. And when I saw this green one, it had to come live at my house.

And once again, I find treasures I treasure at the treasureland I call Target!

I will be storing either my earrings and rings in these babies...or I will be storing some of my favorite lipsticks, lipglosses or mascaras in these...not sure which yet! But they will make my "getting ready" area that much prettier!

huge hugs and fun treasure dishes, your kandee



annpaige said...

So cute. My bathroom is so small I wish I had enough room for an actual little makeup station.
I write a fashion blog and would love if you could check it out sometime.


Candice said...

Kandee you answered my prayer haha!! I have been watching older videos of yours just to see your cute designs with the vintage chic look over and over again and you magically posted up a new one so thank you:) I love to see what goodies and designs you have next you make me smile from the inside and out I love my room now and a big thanks to you:) You are a star!!!! <3 Candice

Amy said...

I Iove your creativity!
Your blogs are so fun to read even if theyre really short because their filled with positivity!

Wandy said...

Love this idea!!! Too cute!!! Next stop Target baby!!!! Thanx Kandeee!!!! Xoxo!!!

Anonymous said...

I love vintage looking stuff too! Just a question.. My daughter loves your pink headboard, where did you find it?
Love your videos, tweets and you!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find it last night when I went to shop for that :( what section did u find it at ? I looked all over :(

Anonymous said...

Im also curious what section of target you found these in...I love them!!

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