Friday, February 24, 2012

EYEKO Mascara Friday GiveAway - 50 winners! 

ME: wearing the EYEKO CURVY BRUSH Mascara on one eye and the EYEKO SKINNY BRUSH Mascara on the other eye (and me missing an earring)

EYEKO Mascara is the awesome mascara that you probably saw featured in VOGUE last this month!

To celebrate that Eyeko is available at Sephora now, they asked if you guys would want to win some mascara- to which i say: "Heck-a-yecka Yes!" Here's what you're gonna win and why I like it!

 instantly enhanced, doll-like lashes for BIG EYES. Use to add CURL.

Insta Results with Lash Care! Dramatic lash lengthening effects with conditioning Pro-Vitamin B glides smoothly onto lashes with a single stroke of intense jet-black colour for a flawless finish.

* The Packaging- I love that it comes in a tube, so you can get every last bit of mascara out of the tube!
* I love that the mascara DOES NOT FLAKE off, SMUDGE OFF- NOTHING- I even slept with it on- and woke up with no mascara mess! (i know, i normally wash my fCE, BUT I FELL ASLEEP
* Lashes looked natural and full, no clumps or chunks!
* No weird "masacara stink"- I know this may sound weird, but some mascara's have those most disgusting smell to them- like a "stinking rose scent", and I can't stand smelling that all day! This smells like absolutely nothing!
Pro-Vitamin B, natural oils and waxes condition lashes to promote growth and prevent premature breakage. Mascara doesn’t smudge, crumble or flake even if you rub your eyes. Intense water resistant formula locks in color and hold for 12+ hours leaving lashes feeling feather light and supple. 

I get to give away 50, yes that's right 50 winners, will receive an EYEKO Mascara!
(worth $19!)

WINNERS will be contacted through facebook by the lovely lash team at EYEKO!

Just sign below with your facebook-
*make sure you like the EYEKO facebook page and my facebook page to get notified of winning!
Then just sign into the contest widget below with your facebook and
 click on each way to enter, and each time you do one of the "entry tabs", you get an extra chance to win!
Some of the entry options you can do every day to increase your chances of winning!
*just look at the contest timer to see how much longer the contest will be going on for!
*EYEKO can only ship prizes to the US &CANADA (so if you live somewhere else, hang on, I've got some more international prizes headed your way!)
*if winners do not reply within 48 hours of being contacted, new winners will be selected.
*winners must be patient- it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the shipment to arrive.

a Rafflecopter giveawayg  Happy Friday!!!!
Huge lashes and even "huger" hugs... your kandee! 
PS. Don't worry, all my international lovelies- I'll have more giveaways that are international! If it weren't for customs and shipping issues, ALL contest could be international! Darn you, customs!



sunshiine(: said...

kandee your hair looks brown! ! and it looks gorgeous! !!! you look amazing in that pic (: &&the one yesterday! (: just thought id tell ya (:
ps: thanks for being a blessing every day (:


Crystal Buchkoski said...

This looks amazing!!!! I must try this, if I don't win I'll save up and buy this, being a make up lover I am so curious and excited to try this mascara! I absolutely adore the packaging! How cool is that!

Anonymous said...


You look GREAT in that picture!! Please, show us how to do the look! It's gorgeous! It would be great if you could do international giveaways. Have a wonderful day!!

Maria said...

I heart mascara!

Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous

Yesenia Hermosillo said...

Your amazing Kandee!! We (my little girl and I) love watching you! When she sees me watching your videos she asks for baby! 'Baby! Baby!', like where's the baby? Lol

Crystal Buchkoski said...

I hope I entered the contest correctly my laptop is broken and my iPhone is acting up! Haha oh jeez! But I'm trying!!!!

Unknown said...

Love your giveaways Kandee. And this mascara looks absolutely gorgeous (:

brandi s. :)!!! said...

Yaaay your lashes look beautiful!! I would do the twitter thing but i dont have one. Well good luck to everyone! Have a great day kandee and fandees! ;)!!! <3 <3 <3

*phoebe* said...

Your hair color is amazing in the top phit :) did you dye your hair? I'd love to know the name of the shade!

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome mascara to try. I haven't even heard of this makeup company.?
yecenia z.

C.PattyPhotography said...

Kandee. I am taking this time out to ask you to please go to YouTube and type in money 2012. Watch the 30 minute long video and please share with the rest of your followers. It is a tragic thing that needs everyone's help. I am asking you to help the movement progress because you are always looking to help others and people look up to you. Please help save these poor children from being abducted and forced to kill there parents and others.

C.PattyPhotography said...

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