Friday, February 17, 2012

MAC Makeup: New Vera Collection (no Wang, just Vera)

It's time again- time for the next release of MAC goodies everyone! 
This is the Vera collection- I first thought, VERA WANG! But it's not- it's an artist known as VERA (no Wang)!ha ha ha
I am not familiar with Vera, but I can say I love all these colors! They are like colors poured straight from a garden full of blooming flowers! Spring is MAC anyway!

Please just look at that nail polish, in PLAY DATE! (I love it, and you can bet I will be teaming this modern, pale, coral color with turquoise!)
The PEARLMATTE face powder, in SUNDAY AFTERNOON- a clean bright pink/ bright pink fuschia/ soft pale pink with white pearl- is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHLIGHT COLOR- a pink wash of delicate, beautiful shimmer- I think I'm gonna love this!
The other PEARLMATTE face powder is more gold, coral, salmon and silver blue pale pink- perfect for warm to deep skin tones!

I don't have ALL the colors, but all show a pic of the whole collection below!
 The Crushed Metallic Pigments are like shining diamonds and have pigment for days- you barely swipe these babies and you've got concentrated color!
They also have a purple and blues stack, called BUTTERFLY PARTY- that looks AMAZING-A-DING-DONG! (see pic below)
THE TOP 2 pink come in a set called STRAWBERRY PATCH and the BOTTOM 2 GOLDEN SHADES come in a set called ALOHA!
On top: STRAWBERRY PATCH- a cool, lavender pink
On bottom: MOON ROSE- a warm, rose pink
 On top: STAR CRYSTAL- (a-to-the-may-zing) I love light pearl gold, it's a beautiful highlight color!
On bottom: ROSE LIGHT- a warm, light golden rose color (this will really make blue eyes glow!)
 On top: SHIFTING SANDS- an amazingly pigmented, light-looks-good-on-everyone gold. This is like a J-Lo gold shade, that will bring some glowing sizzle!
On bottom: ALOHA- a bronze gold- that will look INCREDIBLE on EVERYONE! (this may be my favorite set)
 On top: LANTERN LIGHT- a warm peach gold, this will look soooo good, on all medium to deep skin tones!
On bottom: CAMPFIRE- a deeper coper gold- if you are a "copper" lover- you will flip over this!

These Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner have the most incredible blendablility, color, and shimmer!
They are soft like a kohl pencil, which I love for blending, smudging, and these would be a great base color to blend all over the eye, then put the shadow over too!
They are soft like kohl, so if you are a heavy-handed eyeline "draw-er"- you might smash the tip! So just be gentle, like with a kohl pencil.
UNDERCURRENT- a deep emerald, teal color
LORD IT UP- a warm, chocolate brown
DESIGNER PURPLE- an incredible, royal purple,
ABOVE- in sunlight and below in "non-direct-sunlight"
These are amazing, and took me quite a while to scrub off my arm! These definitely have some good-long-lasting-color power!

 Now, as you will see below, they have some brighter colored PLUSHGLASS shades- but I pretty much love the nude and pale colors sooo.....
 On top: PRETTY PLUSH- this is a "gor-gee" sheer, with a warm, pink pearl color.
on bottom: FASHION FANATIC- (this is my fav) this is the perfect nude gloss, like Turkish Delight from NARS, nude with a hint of color so it looks alive- and this one has the sweetest, yummiest scent- unlike Turkish Delight! ha ha ha
And here is the whole kit and caboodle....

And there you have it! This baby launched yesterday in North America and will be available internationally at all MAC locations in MARCH 2012...
and they will only be around until they sell out....great! The race is on if you want to get your pretty hands on any of these!

huge hugs...and beyond can shine more brightly than any color with a smile and kind go smile it up today, your kandee



Cherisselisa said...

Love love and love! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Kandee! Beautiful colors! Thx for letting us know! Hi-ho hi-ho off to MAC I go! Have a super shimmery day! Hee hee!

Melissa P said...

Kandee, thank you for the update! I'll be on the lookout. I love these ultra feminine colors :)

Anonymous said...

Actually the sales reps at my local MAC said the liners would be permanent. Had you heard of this? If not I'd love to know because I am in love with Undercurrent!

ladeback said...

The nail polish is beautiful! I love bright colours, but can't wear them to work so i just bought essie's 'topless & bearfoot'. It is a lovely nude pink and perfect for the office. (Drys fast!) Can't wait to see a video with the 'sunday afternoon' powder!

P/s i don't like false lashes, but the feathery ones in your adele look are georgeous and thew make-up is beautiful on you! *smiles*

Kandie Bridger said...

Need to get those lip shades! Hope they dont sell out tooo quickly :)

Anonymous said...

Yes they're permanent and this collection launched last thursday, not this.

Anonymous said...

Went out and bought the aloha eyeshadow colors and the fashion fanatic plushglass today! They are soo gorgeous!

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