Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Decor: How to Add some Dazzle any Room!

 I love my "pink room" or "barbie room"...
And somehow a Barbie painting just makes any room fun.
Now I know some people might think "oh, I could never have a pink couch- that is too girly" or things like "i don't think any guys would like that room"...
well, oddly enough, I've gotten tons of compliments from guys that love the room, too. My friend's husbands, the FedEx guy that had to carry a box inside once, the repair man...and even when Jordan (my son) had his birthday party here last weekend, it was filled with teenage boys that even thought the couch was cool...but they really like the "chrome" looking ottoman the best.

I thought I'd give ya' a little "where I got my trinkets and treasures" from...
So let me break down for ya':

Gold Zig Zag pattern pillows: from Target (AKA Tar-jay jay baby!)
Barbie Painting: was one of the most awesome gift ever
Peony flowers: From Pier 1 Imports (i love peonies and used to live near a place that grew them- they smell divine!)
Giant White Vase that peonies are in: Home Goods, again!
Mirror Lamp: Home Goods (love Home Goods Hunting!)
Zebra Rug: Home Goods
Flower Ball: (you can click here to learn how to make one)

"where'd you get your hot pink couch?"...
One of my super creative and artsy friends I've known since high school, were talking about how I wasn't finding any cool couches I liked, then he told me where he ordered his couch. He said you can order all kinds of shapes and then get them in any color you want!
I was thinking a red or bright yellow couch would be then I said, "no way! You only live once- I'm getting a hot pink couch!"
Now I shall reveal my where I got it: Stendmar
Now a few things you should know:
 *wait for the sample swatch of fabric they can mail you, because the colors DO NOT look that same as on the computer screen!
*you have to be patient, it feels like it takes forever for your furniture piece to be finished- but really it's only like 6-8 weeks!
(the cool silver ottoman- which is a great kid-safe-friendly, alternative to a hard coffee table- is also from Stendmar- yellow chair in the background is a thrift-vintage treasure!)

If you love things that are different, fun colors, and unique this is the place for you! You can get the same look as fancy furniture design places, for way less! Now you now my super, cool, artsy friend's secret furniture place- and mine too! Who doesn't love affordable cool!?! (now I' haven't had my couch for 20 years, so I don't know about durability, and you do have to assemble the legs on the couch yourself- but hey, it looks cool-And it didn't cost thousands of dollars! ha ha ha

I love Home Goods...if you've never been to one, you will be in in treasure hunting heaven! I have found some of the coolest things there. But the only bad part is- it's like they get the close-outs of big stores, so you just see things there like 1 time, and if you don't buy it, it will be gone! That's where I got my giant mirrored disco balls too!

(look at this cool light me and my sister saw at a vintage store near San Diego- both if us loved this light and envisioned it hung on a light, barbie pink wall- heaven! Neither one of us bought this- but I wish I did!!)

 Add a little color. -  life's too short to live in beige.
And some fun pieces that you love. - whatever fun object catches your interest!
Add something girly and flowery.
Flowers always make a room feel more beautiful- real or fake!
A cool lamp will add the most delicious lighting at night time.
And just adding some new pillows in a fun print, pattern or color can give new life to a couch, chair or your bed!
Make your room smell mah-velous! I love scented candles or those fragrance sticks in yummy scented oil.- I have tons of vanilla scented candles- I love walking in my room and it smells like cake!

i hope this gave you some decor-spirations! Live out loud, live in color, add some fun to your house...think of your room as an outfit, that's waiting for some fun accessories,
bangles and Barbie paintings, your kandee



Unknown said...

Dear kandee you inspired me in so many way u are awsome i love you pink room it have style i hope everyting in you house is like that will be sooo cool . Love yuliana.

nazish said...

I absolutely love you kandee. I've been watching your videos for quite a long time now.. I don't have words to say how amazing you are..

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait until I get my own apartment. I'm so gonna decorate it like your house. =P

brandi shepherd said...

Love this. I often watch ur videos and wonder where you get all your things from. Thanks for this! :)!!!

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