Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Wearing: My Fav Nude Lip & Stars

I love stars, turquoise and the classic pin-up here's what I have on, you may have seen this look in my FOREVE21, ZARA & MARSHALL's HAUL (AKA Shop N Tell VIDEO) CLICK HERE IF YOU WANNA SEE IT!

My Fav Nude lipstick of all time: MYTH from MAC
L'Oreal HIP gel eyeliner in black - I love it because it doesn't get all dried out
Make-Up Forever Lip Liner Lip Pencil in 7C - a warm spicy light brown (to add depth to the nude color)
Narcotic (a pale, turquoise) eyeshadow from Urban Decay, but I think it's discontinued- like all my favorite things! (comment below if you have a color that looks similar)
L'Oreal False Lash Mascara - because it's my favorite right now!

Star shirt I got at Marshall's (watch the video here to see all the stuff I got!)
Red Bandana
Jelly bracelets
Silver Hoops

Hope you likey the beauty breakdown- comment below, what are you wearing today!
Happy Leap Year Day!!!

hugs and headbands, kandee


Anonymous said...

My work uniform. What fun! Lol

laursifer said...

I have a turquoise from Sephora that I think might be similar. However, I recently moved and most of my makeup is still in bubble wrap lol.

Anonymous said...

Jeans with holes, nktob shirt, black boots, knot updo, and a whole Lotta makeup. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm wearing one of my 'feel good about myself' outfits so I have to comment.
I've got a purple tie in the back sweater, my owl with a mustach necklace and faded silverish-grey jeans on. I'm a big chested lady and the sweater downsizes amazingly and the jeans make my booty look fanmagical! Not to mention the bright purple Puma kicks!! Wonderfully Purple! Makeup is true match foundation and blush, Mac eyeshadow and liner, Victoria secret mascara and lip tint.
Love you Kandee!!

Nicole Lemos, Makeup Junkie said...

Love this post!!! Simple but fun!!! Your always thinking!!! Come over to my blog

Anonymous said...

I woke up super late so I did a very simple cat/pin up eye and messy bun, super high patent leather shoes from Bakers, pinstripe dress slacks from NYC, forgot jewelry....but did manage to grab my wedding ring :) and lastly, a funky grey shirt from Charlotte Russe. It was a fabulous day!! Minus the messy bun hair doo.

Anonymous said...

Kandee what can i use for real dark under eye circles

donna said...

I really love you and you style, also your love of makeup. I've learned alot since you've been my virtual makeup artist. TTFN

alley said...

"beauty breakdown" (fourth of july vid) haha so funny!

Anonymous said...

So funny I bought the same skirt at forever 21! It is amazing tho love all the stuff u got!

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