Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's Inside My "travel" Make-Up bag?

So here is some of my personal make-up that goes with me every time I travel...and then gets to sit on a new and unfamiliar bathroom counter, of a hotel, while we are away from home.

I had to make a "date" with LAX airport for a quick trip for a make-up job.

So here's a quick bit of what you can see and a few things I forgot in my mad dash to pack...

Naked Palette 2
*My new Essie Tuquoise & Caicos polish, and Luxe Effect Top Coat
*My MAC palette of blushes
*Cover FX foundation - I use as concealer
*L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation- because I'm in love with it right now.
(under all that)
*you can see my BEN NYE EYESHADOW ESSENTIALS GLAM palette- because I don't leave home without it- has every matte color you need.
angled brushes, smudging brushes big and small, a fluffy brush and some random flat crease brushes
BLUNT from MAC (for contouring)
Silver Dusk highlight powder from MAC
and the 24/7 Concealer pencils from Urban Decay that use to "draw" my highlight and contouring with before I powder....

I forgot to bring face powder...but my mom had her mineral face powder.
I also forgot my toothbrush...but I found a replacement for that too!

Not shown were was my "lip" bag...and the rest of the goodies in my "eye" bag...which is just more liquid eyeliner, sharpeners and things...

I wrap all my personal make-up inside my suitcase with either bubblewrap or other clothes and place it in the middle of my suitcase so it is cushioned, so nothing will break when they toss my luggage on and off the plane.

make-up bags and toothbrushes.... your kandee

PS. And, so tired, and plane pressure not so good for my ears...realizing that cancelling my fashion week plans...was the right thing to do!



nanna said...

haha just because you said "here is quick bit of" i started to read the text really fast haha loreal foundation in golden beigh is IT and with an amazin cover, i love you so much the first video i saw and made me LOVE you was when you showed yout makeup train case, you wore a yellow sweater, plz do a tutorial of you makeup on that video! with rush and yellow tops bye

Anonymous said...

I've never really been "into" makeup until I started seeing your you tube tutorials. I'm so impressed with your videos. Can't wait for the next. Could you include in your videos what colors and techniques for wearing glasses????? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi I got a question. What is your opinion on zit cream for at night? Its probably really harsh with chemicals but it works really well for me (oh I use clearsal night zit cream) but should I use moisturer more or less to help zits go away faster. Are there any good moisturers that aren't oily or make you break out that you recommend Thank you!

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