Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Bigger Way to Store Your Eyeshadow

 I love, love, love, love Z Palettes!
They are the only magnetic eyeshadow or blush palettes, that have a clear, see-thru top.
I fit my eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, you could even put pressed powders and foundations in here!
These are a must if you are a make-up artist or a make-up lover that wants an easy way to get to all your pretty colors!
De-clutter, organize (as you can see my "blue-grey" palette above), and really feel like a "painter" when your eyeshadow palettes now!
 And this is the new PRO palette they've come out with!
The new palettes all come with 20 magnetic stickers to put on your de-potted make-up, for extra "magnetism" to the case!
You can see the PRO Z Palette on the LEFT (in red) VS. the Large Z Palette on the RIGHT (in leopard)
The PRO has a deeper tray now, deep enough to hold a few brushes inside too, but still slim enough to pack in your make-up kit or vanity drawers.
You can see how, even brushes will fit in the new PRO palette! Which is great for travel too- just pick your fav colors for your trip, pack your brushes and you're off to look beautiful on your getaway without a bunch of make-up packaging!
AND, especially if you are a make-up artist on set and need to create a palette for a certain actress or model. You can put the colors you used on them and "their" make-up brushes in each palette for each person, slip them in your set bag and your off to do your touch-ups!
I just popped a make-up forever blush and a few make-up brushes in the PRO palette to show you how easily they all fit with the lid closed.

15 STILA EYESHADOWS (because they are huge)

EVEN the regular LARGE PALETTE You can fit 28 MAC EYESHADOWS

 And I love that Z Palettes were created by a make-up artist! She not only still works on shows like Dancing with The Stars, but is so sweet and I just love her idea!
And the packaging is so protective...I have even dropped my Z palettes on the ground, travel with them, and no broken shadows at all!

And, who can resist an animal print! Plus, she has the smaller ones to pop in your purse too! I love these!

Huge hugs and leopard print palettes, your kandee


Unknown said...

I just depotted my FLIRT Limited edition 40 eyeshadow Palette (Which is GREAT, By the way! The Shadow's are georgous & very pigmented & blendable)! I've wanted A couple Z-Palette's FOREVER, I think they would be PERFECT To store those shadows! It's AWESOME To see that they came out W/A bigger PRO Z-Palette! I can't wait to order mine! The Unii palette is great to, but the Z-Palette is ideal for work, traveling, ect... Also... Kandee, there is A seller on who sells her own version of the Z-palette, they're not see thru on top, but they are really nice too. She charges $12-13 & you can get them in ALL Different designs, leopard, flowers, hearts, ect... & she now has A Palette that you can fill on BOTH Sides! The Magnets in these palettes are VERY Strong, ect... You should deff check em' out! Just type in ”Eyeshadow Palette” in the search bar on the Etsy website & they Pop up! They're Adorable! Thnx for your blog about the WONDERFUL Z-Palette! I think you are GREAT & some years back I watched your video on YouTube on ”How to become A Makeup Artist” & Your video on ”Living your dreams” & the video on ”Your story” & you brought tears to my eyes & you were & are A HUGE Inspiration in my life! I'm in the Process of fullfilling my dream! I've been A Freelance Makeup Artist for about 4 years now & I plan on owning my ”OWN” Cosmetic's company one day! Thank you! Because after watching those Video's, I began my Dream job & didn't let ANYONE Stand in my way! You're Awesome, & I love your YouTube channels & your video's & tutorials! You're my FAV! Your Kid's are ADORABLE, your VERY Talented & you continue to inspire me Everyday! Thank you once again for that!!! <3 Barbie (A.K.A BarbYDollZMakeuP) xoxo!!!

Unknown said...

Oh... & I ALSO Forgot to mention that your idea for storing your palettes (The Dish holder or strainer, lol) is A FABULOUS ONE! I'm deff gonna go purchase one of those! I need to try & be more organized :) xoxoxo <3 Barbie <3

Shona said...

I really want one of these

maritza anahi said...

I have those Shadow Boxes and Love them!!! They are really good for traveling cause you can put your eyeshadows, blush, and pressed powder in one. All though mine are from Motives.

Anonymous said...

Kandee can u show us how to depot cargo blushes??

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