Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Flower Ball Craft Project for you Room!

 I love Do-It-Yourself craft projects...
so it's time to fire up your hot glue guns...
hunt down some fake flowers...
and grab some styrofoam balls...because we're gonna make some romantic fantastic flower ball decorations to bring some girly, beauty to your desk, dresser, bathroom or bookshelf!
These are adorable in little girls rooms and in big girls rooms...mine lives on my dresser!

1. Styrofoam Ball 
(any size you want)
 You can get these at any craft store.
2. Hot Glue Gun & Lots of Glue Sticks
I got my Zebra Print Glue Gun at Michaels Crafts by ArtMinds for like $4.99
 3. Fake Flowers
(you can use a fun mixture of colors like these)
or big Peonies like these...
or you can just get a bunch of white roses like the one I have!

1. Pull off all the flower blossom from the stem
-they just pop off when you pull on them-
so you are left with a bunch of green stems that look like this.

2. Start gluing the flowers to the styrofoam ball until they cover the whole ball...
you can glue them in a circle line around the ball or just start gluing them next to each long as they cover the styrofoam it doesn't matter which way you start to glue them!

be careful not to burn your valuable fingertips!
your very own orb of floral-girly-ness!

smokin' glue guns....kandee

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