Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My PERFUME corner!

 this is my "perfume lady"....she stands guard of my perfumes....
(i love her...we met at an antique store, and we decided she needed to come home with me)

Here's my favorite of favorite perfumes from left to righty:
Hello Kitty perfume- (ofcourse) smells clean and fresh and reminds me of being a kid.
Salvatore Ferragamo Encanto Shine- smells like a "uni-sex" perfume, like CK ONE (my high school favorite perfume/cologne), but wayyyyy better
Sud Pacifique perfume Vanilla Extreme- My ALL-TIME favorite perfume in the world...the best smelling vanilla ever (some vanillas stink or smell spicy or to sickeningly sweet...this smells like vanilla heaven!
Escada Magnetism (the tall hot pink bottle)- smells so yummy...it smells clean but sort of "peppery" if that makes sense to your nose.
Then I have a couple body sprays, (with the hot pink bows) from Bath & Body Works

SIDE NOSE NOTE: my sister is responsible for the Escada & the Encanto Shine...
both times she had them on and I was like "what are you wearing? you smell soooo good"

Most times I don't like any perfumes or they smell so good on other people and when I put them on it makes me sick! ha ha ha

here's to smelling good....kandee

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Alina said...

wow i would really like to know how the vanilla smells,i bet is yumy:D
please check out my new blog


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