Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get ready for a fresh Summer Look!

Freshen up and lighten up your summer make-up, with this pretty nude eye, liquid or gel liner and a pretty pink mouth...finished off with a coral glow on the cheeks-
for that fresh from the beach, sunset glow!

You know I love me some smokey eyes....but I'm done soooo many (like the one below) ha ha ha
so here's a break from all the summer smokey eyes (at least for now! ha ha)...I'll probably do a summer smokey eye video too!

black liquid or gel liner (I used Perversion from Urban Decay)
nude or skin colored eyeshadow (you can even use face powder) (I used Ben Nye Eyeshadow in Au Naturelle)
a grey brown shadow (optional) to add dimension to eye (I used Ben Nye Smokey Taupe)
(I think both eyeshadow colors are in their new GLAM SHADOW 12 COLOR Palette #ESP-954...I think that's the palette I got to create for myself when I went to the Ben Nye Factory)
mascara (I used Eyelash Primer Potion & Big Fatty Mascara from Urban Decay)
rosey pink lip tint (I used Hope LipSurgence Natural Matte by Tarte)

dark rosey lip liner (I used Soar from MAC)
light baby bubble gum pink color for center of lips (I used In Sync lipliner from MAC)
*add a clear or shimmery gloss on top if you want a shiny finish
any coral or peaches (I used the ROUGE PALETTE  from Ben Nye, I think it's palette #ESP-924)

And a new thing I'm trying to remember to do when I film my videos, is: at the end of the video to tell you where I got everything I'm wearing in the video..from clothes to nail case anyone wantes to know. Like the polish I used: Green with Envy from ORLY (I am LOVING GREEN NAIL POLISH right now!)

so get comfy and let's go hang out for a few in this video I made for ya!
so you can  say no to smoking, your eyes that is! ha ha  (at least for a day or two)....
buckets of love and liquid eyeliner, your kandee

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Agnus said...

Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog:) I love your beauty tips but I would like to ask you a guestion. I'm looking for good sun blockers, one form my oily skin(face) and the other for my body. I want them to have a really high protection, like 100 or even higher( In Europe we have only 50 so I don't know their 'protection level'. Could you be that nice and recommend some sun blockers in good price and in good quality so that I could buy them on the Internet? I would really appreciate that because I'm desperate. I want to stay white and I don't like tan.


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