Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY Make-Up Storage Idea

A Magnetic Make-Up Storage Board

My friends at told me about this and said I could  share it with you guys....
so here's my kandee-take-on-this and some of my suggestions:

Old Wooden Frame without glass
One sheet of metal cut to frame insert size (they got theirs cut at Home Depot and used 22 gauge steel)
Gloss/Enamel Spray Paint 
Old pill bottles (for brush containers), 
if you're like me and don't have those, use plastic cups from the dollar store

Spray glue or regular Elmer's Glue
Magnets (available at your local craft store)
Glue gun
One yard of thin fabric

I think this is a great idea if you have just a few pieces of make-up...however if you are like'd need a billboard for all your make-up...or at least a blackboard! ha ha

then I'd spray-paint it this color or gold (i love gold spray paint):
(or any color that's your favorite...even this frame would be fun!)
You can get cheap and cool ornate framed from your local thrift store.

AND...spray paint a couple plastic cups, round pen &  pencil holders, or anything light weight you can use to hold brushes or eyeliners.
(i'd need sooo many cups!)

Spray light coat of adhesive on metal then lay adhesive down, 
onto fabric and fold fabric over board in back.
kandee-lightful idea: i'd use a fun, modern print like this...or even zebra or leopard print!
 -you could use regular glue but it might be lumpy-

Bust out your hot glue gun...
And glue magnets on the back of your cosmetic container of choice and on your new "brush holder"...and press down firmly.

place fabric covered metal board into frame and secure with the little metal tabs
-hang your board on the wall or prop it up however you like and smack those products into this baby!
and you have yourself the "prettiest" picture of beauty goods!

I give this project a thumbs up for fun and creativity.

For me, I have too  much make-up for this! ha ha
and if you take your make-up with you or travel it might be a little tricky or heavy with the magnets 
(i'm sure if you had to, you could pop the magnets off)

A huge big red lipstick kiss to my friends at for sharing this with me and letting me share it with you guys!

huge love and too much make-up to fit in a frame....your kandee

Don't worry I will be coming up with a good DIY make-up storage idea for those of us that need at least a blackboard for all our make-up treasures! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this Kandee. :)

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