Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Hot Lips

 I mean hot lips as in hot summer color lips....
bold fiery red-orange......and a "sunburnt hot pink"....
these have been my fav lip colors this last week!
 *both these  looks were "make-up-of-the-day" tweets (if you missed em') on my @kandeejohnson twitter. You wanna be a tweetheart?
 Maybe I'll do a tutorial....both these looks use some of the new lipliners and eyeshadows and blushes I got at Imats this weekend. Like 3 lipliners and 3 blushes created this lipcolor today!
hot-color pouts are the hottest things for summer....no gloss just traffic stopping lip color!
summer is hot and your lip color should be too...kandee "hot-lip-liner" johnson

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