Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Coolest No-Polish Nail Polish with a twist!

 Be the envy...of everyone with fingernails, around you...with this awesome "no polish" finger nail art!
I've been wanting to try those "finger nail sticker" polish finally on my way to the check out at Target...I picked up a Houndstooth and Glitter set of  the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips  try these out and create this fun twist!

*super fun and looks so much cooler than regular polish
*the box said it last 10 days, but mine didn't last that long...but I'm really hard on my nails. They did last wayyy longer than normal nail polish though.
*They come off really easily when I removed them. I just pulled them off after a few days, I didn't even need polish remover.
*they seemed pricey at about $8 a box with 16 strips inside...BUT since my nails are not super long....I would cut one strip in half and use the other on the opposite hand that fit that finger size! More BANG for your polish buck!

I wanted to add something different to I cut one finger into a diagonal angle and matched up another piece to give a little fun unique somethin'-somethin' to this look!

I got so many compliments on these...and to tell you the truth, I think this is my favorite "nail polish" I've ever had...everytime I would put my hand on something....I'd just look at my nails a few seconds and think "these are so cool!"

Now come hang out with me as I show you how to apply these babies to your finger tappers...
how to make a cool design with the polish strips
and how to save some bucks and get double the use out of these...unless you have 2 inch finger nails! ha ha ha

yes, I'd like to think that Gwen Stefani...would be like, "these are Rad!"
love and houndstooth..your kandee

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