Friday, June 3, 2011

Decorating on the cheap!

 here's a peak into my house with a little cheap-chic tour of some of my favorite things in my house...
I bought these metal stars years ago at Marshall's for super cheap...they were really dark colors, like navy blue and dark green...
SOLUTION: I took hot pink spray paint to a few
 and white spray paint to the one above...and took different color acrylic paints in turquoise, green, olive green and painted over the white with a stiff paint brush to get this one with a cool "vintage" finish.
 real, live Orchids....I am so proud of myself that they are doing well.....I've heard Orchids are really hard to keep alive so I've always been scared to buy them. They were a gift and they are still going strong!
 This is one of my's a painting I did on a piece of scrap shelving wood. It's acrylic and oil stick in black...this has hung on many walls over the years.
 I got this vase super cheap from Home Goods (it's like a super cheap place where you can buy all kinds of stuff they've bought from stores that didn't sell, for redinkulously cheap!)
These fake flowers I love...I some like this at Anthropologie for more dollars than I wanted to spend...then I saw these for cheap at Pier 1 Imports, and they can home with me.
I got the sparkly "flower vine" thing at Pier 1 too.
 This little figurine is one of my favorites.....her and I met, many years ago at an antique store....she was only about $12...well, her and her boyfriend...he is not as adorable as she is though. He's still packed away in a box. And behind is an old candlestick I gave a fresh new life with some white paint and turquoise-wash paint over it.
And my bathroom...I saw vases like these in a picture from a fancy furniture store...then I saw these babies for super cheapo at Home Goods (I love that place!)...some didn't have the right lids..or one at all, like the one with the flowers in it...he didn't have a he got flowers! ha ha ha

So there's some of my Friday Favorite things....the home edition! ha ha ha

fake flowers and paint make-overs...your kandee

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