Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Move over nudes! Hot Fuschia is here for summer!

It's summertime....time to crank up the heat for your lip color too!
Don't just let your nude lip color blend in with the sand on the beach....
let your pretty pout be brighter than your pink bikini....
or in my case...if I get in a bikini this summer I will wear the brightest lipcolor to distract from any of my "bikini imperfections"! ha ha ha
*why I love it: it's an natural lip color 
formulated without mineral oil
formulated without paraben
formulated without phthalates
cruelty free
formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate
formulated without synthetic fragrance

THIS COLOR WILL WORK ON ALL SKINTONES! It is a cool color but the lipliner adds more warmth. I did a Rachel Roy fashion show and we used a similar color on all the models, who had all different skin tones - from pale to the deepest richest skin colors...looked amazing on every single girl!
Plum Lipliner from MAC:
to give dimension and pop
without a lipliner, colors just look flat and lips can look smaller....
think of it like if you just put eyeshadow on and no eyeliner...
it's like that if you just put lip color on without liner!

Beauty Bonus: And like a red, but more fun and playful feeling, it makes your teeth look super bright and white!
don't stay hidden in the "safety" of nude and pale colors this summer....have fun playing around with colors as beautiful as the flowers in bloom!

hot pink and electric fuschia...your kandee

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