Friday, June 24, 2011

Reasons why I feel naked:

this was a picture of me and JulieG713, from youtube, at IMATS (international make-up artist trade show) last year...(me drinking ginger ale at the cocktail party)
here I am again at IMATS last year, at the make-up forever booth....
hello kitty purse - CHECK
yellow rose ring - CHECK
leather cuff - CHECK

 FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT (walking by where they are setting up all the IMATS stuff)
hello kitty purse - CHECK
yellow rose ring - CHECK
leather cuff - What the Simon and Garfunkle?!?
where's my leather cuff????????
I've worn that leather cuff almost every single day since I made it like 10 years ago!
I feel sort of naked without least my wrist feels naked!

maybe this means a DIY HOW TO MAKE A LEATHER CUFF  video is in order!

I can't wait to show you guys all the cool new make-up stuff from IMATS! Pro Night is tomorrow...I can't wait!!!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO FROM LAST YEAR AT IMATS! (my fav part is at 5:45 with Mic the Scallywag)

naked feeling wrists.....your kandee


Anonymous said...

OMG!! please do a DIY leather cuff tutorial!!! i would be the happiest person in the world!!!!!

val♥ said...

waiting for a DIY cuff tutorial♥
i need your HELP! my dentist told me that i HAVE to wear braces... and i´m freaking out! could you PLEASE do some make up tutorial for not to look so creepy with braces and lipstick on?? i will really apreciate that! by the way, i LOVED the Mila Kunis tutorial, and of course,i´ve already tried it... it was divine! do you think you could do an Emma Watson tutorial? she´s so chic! anyway... I LOVE YOU♥ you´re such an inspiration for all of us (your fans♥) KEEP SMILING!
love, val♥

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