Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barbie's in the house!

Barbie's on my wall is more like it!

I got asked where I got this Barbie painting (it's not an actual painting, but a giclee, it's like a fancy print on a canvas)...because it was in the background of a video....see:
there is this really cool store in downtown LA that sold vintage fun stuff and had all the Barbie painting in it...I used to go there and look at all the Barbie paintings because I loved them and thought my mom would love them too!

One day a friend said she had a surprise for me! It was this painting! I love it!
(me and little tiny, outside the vintage store...I don't know the name but they don't sell the paintings anymore. Which was the whole reason I took my mom there a few weeks ago. ha ha)

It is my only "big girl" painting that I own, besides paintings that I've done ...but somehow I don't think those count! ha ha ha

And what better to go with my hot pink couch...than a Barbie painting. I've had a hot pink couch in my house for over 10 years. Everyone loves the hot pink couch! when my hot pink cover got ruined and it was just plain was no where near as fun! ha ha ha

to check out more of the artist who paints the Barbie pictures go to:

Wait til you see them, they are so cool and Barbie-fantastic.

happy Sundays and I'm typing this from my hot pink couch, your kandee

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