Monday, June 13, 2011

Are you ready for some cloud-spiration!?!

the other day I walking to the living room... and this sunset "treat-for-eyes" stopped me in my steps and made me run for my camera, so I could share this with you guys!
(nevermind that I stepped in rabbit poop as I walked away)
 But I started thinking about how the sunset doesn't look like this without the clouds. It's just plain and grey.
BUT....with the clouds, the sun has something to soak up and reflect and this beautiful color and light.

And that is how our lives are too!
 "without the clouds in our life, we wouldn't have beautiful sunsets of inspiration and beauty!"

no matter what is going on in your life:
relationship problems
financial troubles
feelings of hopelessness

feeling out of control
family problems
Be encouraged by these stories of "storm clouds" in people's lives, that have really been beautiful sunsets of opportunity just waiting for the sun to go down to make them shine.

A single and broke mama, who started making and selling sandwiches out of her home because she suffered from Agoraphobia...went from a former bank teller to cook at a Best Western the now famous, Paula Deen with a cooking empire. And she found her true love and soul mate along the way!

Paula Deen suffered a lot of the things on the list....
but she didn't give up...
she didn't say.."oh now I'm so alone!"...
she didn't say now I don't have a husband...I can't make it.
she didn't I don't have a job, we're going to be homeless.
she put on her big girl pants...
realized what she loved....COOKING...
and found a way to start doing what she loved...
she had a kitchen..
she had skills
she had a desire
she had to do something because she only had $200 to her name
she had fear of leaving her house...but that didn't stop her.
and now she has become successful because of every STORM CLOUD in her life that made the sun shine a beautiful sunset of success!

AND ALL THOSE CLOUDS made for the most beautiful sunset in her life every day!!!

SO today...rejoice for the clouds...they are bringing a beautiful sunset for you!

God has  a beautiful sunset waiting to sparkle success in your life....let's just be thankful for the clouds that are going to make out sunset amazing!!!

from your friends with cloudiness....but waiting for them to make my sunsets beautiful, your kandee

please share this on with anyone that needs to hear this (I encourage you to share it on facebook and twitter...because people always ask if it's's more than OK...I want to help change share away!)

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