Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to find Glitterful things in life's messes!

This is your Sunday Soulspiration....
Like a  kick in your "soul pants" to help ya get through the week.

Last week, Blake (my 4 year old), had accidentally spilled some make-up glitter. And when he was explaining what happened he said, "but mama, it's so GLITTERFUL"....

and in that second I thought and said, "you're right baby, IT IS, soooooo GLITTERFUL"...

And that is how all kinds of things in our life can be, that look like accidents, mistakes, mess-ups or the world they may look like "mess-ups", but really they are "glitterful" spills that strengthen our character, make us stronger, and build determination to go after something with all that's in us and not take life or other peoples "no's" for an answer.

Take your past or current "life accident"...and think of Blakey's "glitterful" spill, and how beauty can come from a not-so-pretty "mis-hap".  God will make beautiful things of our life- no matter how bad we think it's a mess! I've had some glittery things found after some pretty "non-glittery"  and rather ugly situations in my life! Never look at the ugly parts...always look for

I love that  saying: you don't become a great sailor, sailing only smooth seas

You become great for having gone through something, not giving up, and for letting yourself become better and not bitter.

So let go of feeling like your life is full of "things gone wrong"...and look at how those very things that "went wrong" can be the very thing that make awesome things in your life "go right"! And start looking for the "glitterful" things all around!

Don't be a victim- be victorious.
Don't be a whiner- be a winner.

Now let's go show this life of yours, what you can do, be and accomplish.
Put the past where it belongs, behind you, and start looking for all that glitter!

hugs and handfuls of glitter, kandee

OH AND HERE WAS MY VIDEO THAT IS MY NEW FAVORITE: (my mom not only does my make-up, but she answers your questions about how i got my name and more fun/embarrassing stuff!)

Come see what else I tappity type and post on the internet:


Laura de Hoog said...

Kandee i love you. This blogpost just made my day!

Stephani said...

I love when you tweet, blog, and facebook inspirational things. It always comes when I need it most. Thank you. <3

Unknown said...

fabulous inspiration.. has Tiffany had her sweet baby girl yet ? sending pink rainbows to you both

lrob932 said...

Aww!! I definitely want to see more videos with your precious Blakey!!

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