Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine...

 Who's ready to let me hug them!!!???
It is that great day of chocolate hearts and lovey-dovey little cards and things....
but I say, you don't need a "special someone"...when you've got me to pout love out through the computer!!! Or you can have a special someone too, I'll still be pouring love in your heart!!! hee hee

BUT if you are in LONDON can let me hug you for real!!!

This was me on the train from Paris....(more pics of our day home HERE)

WHERE: The Westfield Mall in London (Shepard's Bush ) near the far entrance near the All Saints Store- just in the open area near the seating

WHEN: TODAY- Valentine's Day from 6:30-8pm

I can't wait to see and hug you all!!!!!!!!

And for those that can't be there, I send you tons of hugs and soooooo much love through the computer, more than any old Valentine's day card can ever describe!!!

And don't forget....I made this video so everyone could feel a little extra "prettay" on Valentine's Day...OR ANY DAY really....but at the end I tell you  my worst Valentine's Day..ha ha ha, enjoy:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve you today and every go share some love and kindness with everyone you see, your kandee

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