Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blake's 8 Favorite MAC Lipsticks

Blake wanted to give me a makeover yesterday , so he brought out my tray of lipsticks and picked out his favorite. It turns out he is a MAC fan, because he didn't pick any other brands! ha ha ha

In case you want to know his fabs, here they are in numerical order, from left to right:
#1. High Tea
#2. Utter Fun
#3. Colour Crafted *this is one of my all-time favorite colors, but I think it's not available anymore :(
#4. RiriWoo * I love this too!
#5. Rocker
#6. Sunny Seoul
#7. Candy Yum-Yum *you know I love this color
#8. Grey Friday (I've never worn this color, until yesterday!) 

He lined them up all perfectly and twisted them up so I could see them all, all by himself.

And then Blakey gave me a make-over, that was inspired a little bit my The Lone Ranger, I think....
He also said I needed a wig and a tiara.
He said this look was called "Indian Glow"....
Blakey is Native American from my side and his dad's too, so that might explain his extra-iffinity for Native American themes! ha ha ha ha
He also seems to like me to have a mustache! ha ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and lots of "eyeshadow mustaches", your Kandee and her new makeup artist

PS. If you wanna see the make-over he gave his little sister, CLICK HERE!

And if you missed my video I posted in my Kandeeland channel yesterday, come see our trip to my sisters, our dinner at the best "doll restaurant" and more fun hee hee:

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