Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 Things I'm Loving: Happy August

Happy August my lil sugar babes!
Summer maybe be flying by, but I've got some fun to throw your way! A fun video filled with the 10 things I'm loving from beauty to skin care!

And I made this just minutes before I was running to the airport, looking like this...
(sabre sunglasses) 

I'm on my way to film the Mom's View Live today, then off to VidCon, in Anaheim. (It's like a Star Trek Convention for Youtubers and people that love Youtube!)
If you are there and see me please say hi and let me hug you.

Yikes, it's 3:21am...I just finished editing the video and writing this and really need to go get a little tiny bit of sleep! ha hah a

Huge hugs, your virtual bff, Kandee

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