Monday, August 26, 2013

My Weekend in 10 Pictures

 1. Because everyone needs wants a giant donut. SIDE NOTE: the sunglasses, which are were on of my favorite pairs of sunglasses- of course, I lost that day.

 2. Then this was my outfit of the day for Saturday.
With my special assistant, Ellie.
Star Jeans from Frankie B, Shirt (a DIY  creation), vest, I got it at my fav "thrift/vintage" store, shoes - old Jeffrey Campbell's.

And we'll call this picture "#2 and a half

3. I got to hang out with Kelly Osbourne, who not only smells amazing, but she also has awesome style and is one of the most down-to-earth, and kind celebrities I've ever met! We talked about hair coloring, hair breaking off, and had to make some silly videos!

4. I hosted a panel with Christina Milian the other night, and we didn't get a picture, si we got to get another one! And I had to ask what her lipstick was...the lipliner was Nightmoth from MAC, I love that color and need to go dig it out! ha ha ha She's so beautiful and so nice!

 5. I got to chat with Carol Shaw, the founder of Lorac (pronounced: Luh-rock) Cosmetics. We were on a panel together and she's awesome! She fell in love with make-up as a teen, who had really bad cystic acne, and a makeup artist, made her not just look beautiful but FEEL  beautiful. And makeup became her passion after that.

 6. Me + Mr. Kate (my friend I hadn't met yet) sending kisses to everyone! She is beyond awesome and gave me some awesome jewelry from her jewelry line too!

 7. Don't be blinded by the whites of my legs. As you know, I don't have much time to go hang out by a pool or beach! ha ha But Kelly Baker of Kelly Baker Brows was at The Platform pool party, and she offered to remove some hairs from my eyebrows, that I haven't even had time to shape up!

 8. Awwwww SpokenReasons!! I'm so proud of him- he's gone from Youtube to a huge movie!  I even made a video about, talking about him being in it (click here to watch it), with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

9. This is Cameron Pulido, who is awesome, has super cool hair and style and he looks like he should be in a famous boy band....he won one pf my giveaways and it's so amazing to actually get to hug him in person. And his mom is amazing too and thank you guys so much for my bow necklace and ring!! I just love you guys!
10. Me saying...."heyyyyyyyyyyyy" my purse weighs 20lbs, how bout yours?

Ok, and this picture is a free bonus....
Please just look at the sheer look of panic on my face and I was still telling P'Trique and my crazy friend, Jeannie Mai, that I will make P'Trique throw his back out if he tried to hold me too!

I loved getting to give people "real live hugs"! Thank you to everyone that let me hug them, my heart loved and cherished every hug! And one of the best things I heard all weekend was: "you're just like in your videos!!!!!" Huge hugs to everyone and happy Monday....


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