Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Few of My Favorite my sister:

Yesterday, or really any day, I get to be with my sister is my favorite. I got to go to her house and we filmed some fun "food crafty" videos because she is so creative! I wanted to film me putting her make-up on, but we had no time for that...
My poor mama was watching all my babies and my sisters babies while we filmed! ha ha ha

#1. No, me and my sister are not twins.
#2. I am older by 22 months.
#3. Yes, people have asked if we were twins since we were little.

We made a number of funny faces, which I promised my sister I will never post on the internet, with the exception of our "Zoolander", Blue Steele pose! ha ha ha

Other things that are my favorite:
I have never been to a Chick-fil-A until yesterday. And I think I fell in love with their Handspun, Mocha Cookies and Cream Milkshake. Oh my Deliciousness. Yeah, I wasn't "bikini-ready" at any point this year.

My other favorite thing I saw, was this mirror. You know me and twinkly lights. Years ago when I first started on Youtube, I had to have twinkly lights in the background, and any time I see twinkly lights I just love them.
But this, idea with the twinkly lights around the mirror...of course I love!

I am typing this will my mom is driving us and we are racing to the airport. I was going to stay up and finish editing a video, but I fell asleep sometime after midnight with all my tech gadgets around me. ha ha ha 
I will stay up late and a new video will be up on both my channel tomorrow! There will be a huge video treat on my KANDEELAND, with a fun cooking video and on KANDEEJOHNSON youtube channel, I'll have a fun and forgotten, make-over video!

Huge hugs and racing to the airport in an outfit I do not like, don't you hate it when you can't stand what you have on, and had no time or nothing else to wear?!?!

Huge huge from your virtual bestfriend, mom, sister and homie, Kandee

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