Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Planes Movie Premiere: Review & Outfit

So, I've never been to a movie premiere, before last night. And this is my outfit-of-the-day, movie premiere style. I got invited to the premiere of Disney's Planes and this is what I wore, and I'll tell you what I thought of the movie!

And this was my outfit:
LA top (which in the mirror is not right) from Top Shop, which i cut like in this tutorial- HERE
Leopard Pants from- Devlin
Shoes- Steve Madden

Just keepin' it real with my bathroom outfit of the day shot...ha ha ha

My special "Disney Planes World Premiere" ticket (so awesome):

 This is what it looks like at a Disney Movie Premiere in Hollywood at the famous El Capitan theater, that is so amazing...

This is what it looked like....
It was the best way to go see a movie, it was like a movie-party!

And this is my awesome friend, Dale that I just love and adore, that invited me and Angel, who makes me laugh all the time!

and what I thought of the movie......

Disney Planes Movie Review:
Well, since I we LOVE the CARS movie, and Mater, I was just wondering how this would come close to the awesomeness of Cars!

The first part of "Planes" was a little slow goin and I started to wonder if I was going to like this movie. It shows Dusty Crophopper, the main character, a little crop duster plane that dreams of being a plane racer, who's voice is performed by Dane Cook. I kept wondering who the "Mater" of Planes was going to be, you know, the character that you just fall in love with. Well, the second "El Chupacabra" was  introduced, I fell in love! "El Chup" is my favorite, he is the Mexican Airplane, that is not only hilarious, but he sings, and once he came into the movie, the movie just became awesome!
I loved it! 
It's in 3-D and watching little Dusty, race across the world with help from everyone, to keep him going, is so much fun, right til the very end.
It had us all laughing, cheering, saying "awwwwww", and even though it had a slow start, once it gets wound up, it's so much fun!
Yes, I vlogged about it on my Kandeeland channel, it will be up, but not today...ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and I'm out like a broken tail light, your Kandee

PS. Thank you Dale, for making my whole movie going experience and inviting me to this! I heart you!


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