Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Ladies Who Will Inspire You To Show Off Your True Style

Hello My Kandee Kanes!
Young Fashionistas and Fashion Bloggers could take a few tips from these ladies.
And may I remind every set of eyeballs reading this: 
Age ain't nothin' but a number and a sign that you are wiser than those with smaller digits in their birthday. It doesn't mean you can't have style, it doesn't mean you have to slip into boring, ugly clothes and have boring "old lady" hair styles. It means you have confidence that you didn't have in your teens, boldness from life's experiences, and fearless style that doesn't require the latest trend handbag or fashion "must have" of the moment. 
True style is NOT a trend, it's what you LOVE!

Here's 7 ladies who aren't in their 20's, but have more style, confidence and individuality than most teens and 20 year olds. Let's all be inspired by their fearless and fabulous style!

All these pics are from my friend, Ari Cohen's amazing blog, Advanced Style. If you haven't seen it, I've gotta say, he showcases the most truly amazing "fashionistas"- and none of them are a day younger than 50!

Now this is fierce fashion! Leopard print love, look at those glasses, and even her nails are amazing!

I'm in love with her arms full of bakelite bangles and rings!

The glasses, the hat, the gloves...amazing.

This is the fabulous, Lyn Dell, who I met in NYC at Fashion Week, who owns the vintage and re-sale shop, Off Broadway. I love her quote that everyday should be stage, your red carpet moment to shine!
How amazing is her hat?!?

Fearless, Fabulous and Fashion-full-of-genuine-style:

All I can say, is not even young hollywood celebrities who think they are "fashion icons" have the courage or unique style to pull of outfits like this! I would give this woman a high five if I saw her on the streets!

This is Christina Viera...she is amazing and makes her own outfits out of re-purposed things like the skirt below is made from dog toys, and her hat is a stuffed had she made herself! Talk about fashion DIY!

I want these ladies to inspire you! Inspire you to live out loud. Live more daringly. I don't care if you live in a town with 5 people, who cares, you are getting dressed in what you love, not for them. If they are small minded, let them dress boringly.
Style is not wearing the latest fashion trend, it's wearing what you love, because you LOVE it, not because it's the hottest thing of the moment!

Today, let your inner style wander, what would you wear if you didn't care and no one would say anything negative, except that they loved your style?!?

Free yourself from what others think, This life is short. Let everyday be your it's time to get dressed for it!

If you feel like you don't know what your true style is....
it's what you love, what looks fun to you...
Do you love vintage things?
Do you love the classic and timeless looks of Audrey Hepburn?
Do you love edgy looks?  You don't need to be a rockstar to rock a cool edgy look?
Do you love fun bright colors?
Do you love cowboy boots and frilly skirts?
Whatever you love, whatever you probably loved as a kid too, that is your true style, and just years of people's opinions have probably torn you away, or maybe you haven't dared to find your style.

It's what you love.
What you feel most confident in.
It's what you're drawn to in a shop or in pages of a magazine.
It could even be a celebrity style from the 40's or now that you love and wish you could wear! You can!

Huge hugs and I hope today, you leave with a little more inspiration in your heart, to shine who you are in the world, love your Kandee

PS. A new video will be up tomorrow on youtube, it will be a peek into my make-up table and how I film my videos! Sorry I've been sick and my computer was broken this week, so I couldn't edit a video sooner!


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