Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lipstick Love

Something about lipstick all lined up and in so many colors just makes me "need" to take a picture.
This is all of Urban Decay's NEW lipsticks and lipliners.

You know I am in heaven with both my nude lip love and my love of brights.
I love:
 OBSESSED- perfect light pink
NATIVE - cool nude pink
NAKED- a warm nude rose
NAKED 2- a nude beige
SHAME- a deep dark burgundy red
VENOM- a deep magenta-burgundy (what I'm wearing in picture)
F-BOMB - is the perfect cool red that will look great on all skin tones

And they all have matching lipliners, which act as SUPER long wearing lip stain, smoother, and primer- to give ultra definition and I put these on in the morning, even ate pineapple and dinner, and my lipstick didn't need to be touched up! I'm seriously impressed and in love with these.

I have been an Urban Decay fan since I was a teenager, and I love it every time I get to come visit Urban Decay. And it was funny because me and Wende did not plan ahead, but we both had on jeans, black shoes and black t-tanks! ha ha ha

I went to Urban Decay yesterday to visit and show you guys an inside the "Urban Decay Wonderland", with Wende Zomnir, the founder, who is totally awesome and works every day, in every detail of designing to color selection.

Their offices are amazing and I can't wait to show you guys the video, which still needs to be edited and all that jazz! IT should be up in next week or 2!

Each bathroom in Urban Decay has a theme. This was the "writable wall" bathroom, which had the most beautiful bathroom lighting ever! My favorite was the:
"If these walls had eyes !!!"

Huge hugs and so much lipstick love....
what is your favorite?
Are you more of a nude lip lover or a bright lip lover?!?


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