Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Random: BluePrint Juice, Travel Outfit, Arm Decoration and My In-flight Reading

Happy Wednesday guys! This is what I'm calling: Wednesday Random. Because I'm still sick, and my brain feels congested just like my face! ha ha ha So here's some randomnes from me to you, enjoy.

This is a view from my "desk of wonder"....
And that is an empty bottle of the Kale Apple Lemon Organic and Raw, Cold-pressed Juice from Blue Print Juice. All things I love, organic and raw is so good for you, and this tastes so good!! I also drank the Orange Grapefruit Lemon.
They are the ones that make the famous Blue Print Juice Cleanse, which I kind of want to try now too.

This is what I read on the plane, while Ellie slept on me....
The Youtube Creator Playbook

This is how I decorated my hand while in Las Vegas:
note the pair of dice ring- which I got at an antique store
Black studded bracelet from Forever 21
Gold Stud Bracelet from Forever 21
Black Star Bracelet - which I lost because I took it off for Ellie to play with, from Marc Jacobs

This is quite possibly the cutest bobble-head Hello Kitty Doll ever. Why is Hello Kitty so stinkin' cute?!?

And this was my traveling home outfit from the other day. You know when you just don't like what you have on. Well this was one of those days.

And since I'm feeling, a little-teeny-tiny bit better, and when I say I better, I mean- I still look awful, but at least I can breathe out of one side of my nose I think I'm going to film a video on how I "set up my makeup table" or "how I get ready to make a video"...maybe show you guys my make-up table and lights and camera and stuff! It'll be fun to go "behind the scenes" with me! ha ha ha ha I hope anyway!

Huge hugs and some sniffles, from your Kandee


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