Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come on a Tour of The Urban Decay Headquarters (Wonderland)

I've been a fan of Urban Decay since I bought my first eyeshadow, called Strip, it was a steel-blue grey, that I still have to, try to recreate the same color! It's been discontinued, but that's what happens to all my favs! It's was the late 90's, and they were only brightly colored and edgy cosmetic company in

Wendy even let me take a sneek peek at their holiday palette!!

I have become friends with some awesome peeps at Urban Decay and when I first came to see their offices I said I had to come back and do a tour for you guys! They have an Alice in Wonderland bathroom with mad hatter chandeliers for crying out loud!

Come see where all these get names, where they mix colors and the questions you guys tweeted me to ask Wende:

So come with me and take a glittery tour of the Urban Decay headquarters with my friend, and founder of Urban Decay, Wende:

Huge hugs and lots of make-up, your virtual bestie Kandee

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