Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Problem With Sunglasses

I have a few pairs of sunglasses, ranging from $5 sunnies to more pricey sunglasses, that make me afraid  I will lose them.

Example: The sunglasses above. My Juicy Couture Gold Chain Sunglasses, which I don't even think they make anymore, well, they fell out of my pocket this weekend at Blake's big BMX race (which I didn't notice until we were leaving)..and for about 2 hours I was thought, "oh great, my favorite pair of glasses are gone!" And then I saw someone had put them on the table at the racers entrance, probably because it was mostly guys and no one wanted some girly glasses.

Now rewind to a couple weekends ago, when I was wearing these glasses from Sabre Eyewear glasses in the Gunclub model, which I also love!

I also wore them here at, as seen with Ellie and Disneyland.

And here, just hours before they were gone....
It was dark and I took them off an put them in a little gift bag I had gotten, and somehow when I got up and was ready to leave, the little bag was no where to be found!

At least someone tried to turn my gold chain ones back in! Never fails, every $5 pair of sunglasses I've bought, I never lose em! Spend more than $20, they disappear like a rabbit at a Magic Show!

Huge hugs and wishing I designed sunglasses, I'd make some really ones, and then I' wouldn't have to worry about losing them, I'd just have an endless supply!

LOVE your virtual BFF, Kandee

If you're bored you can watch my latest youtube video, a tour of Urban Decay, fun-tasticness:

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