Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Style: The Candy Dance, Hello Kitty Painting and Tastebud Delights

This is me and the "Ellie Belle" (Belle is not really a part of her name) and our weekend warrior style... We went to get our BBQ, crafts and treasure hunting on at an event called, The Candy Dance in Genoa,  Nevada. With a name like Candy Dance, you know I might be there!

 It's a "HANG LOOSE" shirt I got at a tourist shop in Maui, I just cut the sleeves off and cut the bottom like in THIS TUTORIAL!

Look at this plate of deliciousness, this was called: LOADED FRIES with a side of cole slaw.
Fries with pulled pork and BBQ sauce on top. Three Words: Kind Of Amazing! IT was so good when we went back the next day, I went and got it again! And I was so excited to meet the gorgeous Nathalia that worked at eh booth and was so excited to meet me, but I was so excited to get to meet her! You guys have no idea how much it means to my heart when I get to meet you in person and give you a hug! If you ever see me, don't me afraid to come up and say hi, I love getting to hug you for real!
Please note my sunny shades are not the Celine sunglasses, that were going for like $4,000- that is ridiculous to me, especially since I lose my sunglasses more than anythign else I own. I got mine from an etsy shop for $9.99, but you can get them from SHOPSTAYWILD too, for no where near $4000, let alone even 50 bucks!

Day 2- We went back for more, Loaded Fries and treasure hunting, please note that my hair looks "extra awesome" due to the crazy wind. I call this the new "tornado-do'". But you will see me posing with my Waffle Sundae. A Belgian waffle, ice cream, Ghiradelli chocolate and blackberry sauce with whipped cream. That was incredible. My tastebuds just sent me a thank you card, for buying that for them. I shared with my mom and kids, so that made it a "diet sundae"! ha ha ha

I love oil cloth, it's vintage and retro looking (both things I love) and I spent a while at the Oilcloth Alley booth, their aprons were the cutest things I've ever seen. And I am typing this on my laptop, that is placed on top of my new "cherry and polka dot" table cloth! I love it! I am happier typing this because of the cherries in my periphery! They also make the most adorable make-up bags!

Then we hit up the face painting booth. Look at lil Ellie, she just sat there with her lil' eye closed until the face painting lady was finished.

And here is Hello Kitty, wearing, Hello Kitty. She picked out her dress, and her face painting of choice, she is a big Hello Kitty fan, like her mama, and sister, and ever other girl in the world! ha ha

This is my favorite picture of the day....My mom gave "Hello Ellie" a ride on her shoulders! I forgot to mention, that Ellie also picker her Minnie Mouse shoes out, also. I rarely get to actually pick anything out for her anymore, she's got her own lil' style goin' on, and I love her creativity!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Don't spend your life waiting for the storms in life to be over, learn to dance with joy in the rain!

Huge hugs and make this week awesome, fill it with hope, refuse to gossip or complain (even if you have more things to complain about than anyone you know) and make even the small moments fun, extra hugs, your virtual BFF, Kandee

PS. Tomorrow I'm uploading a brand new video, and my hair is kind of cherry-ish red! Woo Hoo!

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