Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The NEW Urban Decay Vice 2 Eyeshadow Palette is OUT!

Urban Decay Fans, prepare to do cartwheels in your head!
This is the  NEW Palette from URBAN DECAY...


THE CASE: beautiful  lightweight case with "diamond" letters, it reminds me of a beautiful bowling ball (it does!)

The Scoop:
*20 ALL NEW, never before made eyeshadow colors
*3 Matte eyeshadows (I put lil' hearts by them)
*These matte shades are great for all over eyeshadow color, highlight and a darker shade for a crease color
* I like this palette case better than the last Vice Palette, it's way lighter, and I like the flip up mirror.
*These shades are ULTRA-pigmented, each color looks just as it is on the palette on your skin because of the high pigmentation.
I know UD has proprietary (AKA TOP SECRET and EXCLUSIVE TO THEM) ingredients that make their eyeshadows feel smooth as butter, last all day, and have a super big pay-out = how much of a pigment-color punch they pack.

Which colors are your eyes drawn to?!?!

The think I love about when UD releases an eyeshadow palette is, the bang for you buck, this palette is 
$59.95 which is AWESOME because each eyeshadow of Urban Decay's is $18 for one, so to get 20 eyeshadows for the price of 3, that are brand new is awesome!!!

Now hang onto your eyelashes, because I filmed a new video, yes I'm bringing back the BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS and I've got this palette, some other new things from UD, and new stuff from MAC and another "top secret" product too! I'm off to go try to finish editing that bad boy!

If you missed my tour of Urban Decay with Wende, the founder, come check it out here, this palette was so TOP SECRET, I didn't even get to see it when I was there:

Huge hugs and if you want to see who's birthday it is in my house today, CLICK HERE!

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