Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World's Most Glamorous Toothpaste & The Things I'm Loving

This is like the Willie Wonka of toothpaste! It's glamorous and I kind of feel like I should have a Rolls Royce or Bentley in my garage, or that my last name should be Trump or Winfrey, everytime I go to use it. It's that fancy!
(I also have a video, of me without a drop of makeup, showing you all my favorites, below)

May I introduce you to THEODENT! This is the new toothpaste I discovered at Whole Foods, in my hunt to find, not only a fluoride free toothpaste (you can read why you may not want fluoride in your toothpaste too, here) , but also Carageenan free toothpaste...
and I found this beautiful toothpaste, almost with an angelic "ahhhhhhhhh" sound and glowing lights! ha ha ha It is the THEODENT toothpaste, is has something to do with chocolate and well, it's just about the most "I-wanna-brush-my-teeth-just-because-i-love-my-toothpaste-to-much-ness" ever!
Now this is the classis Theodent, I got it at Whole Foods for about $8 on sale, they make a toothpaste that's $100, but I do not use that one, nor did they sell that Oprah-fancy toothpaste there!

Ok now onto my other favs....this Boscia Konjac Cleansing sponge:
 This little "root" sponge is hard like a rock, until you wet it, then it grows into this spongey, gel-like, soft, yet scrubby sponge that just catches all the dirt and make-up on your face! This is FUN! It's fun to wash your face with this! And then you just squeeze it and hang it to dry on your faucet! I love this!

And the NUFACE facial toning device, send electric charges to your facial muscles to get them in shape, getting rid of wrinkles, redness and hopefully making me look like I have the skin of a 7 year old. I'll let you know how it's working...before you go and spend your money on one too!

So here's some of the  things I'm loving....just come hang out with me, without any  make-up on: May I present, the 10 Things I'm Loving:

...and I'll show you all the goods....and below I'll put links to everything if you wanna see more about any of them:
THEODENT TOOTHPASTE - free of Carageenan, I got mine at Whole Foods:

CLEAN WELL All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

GIOVANNI D-TOX Facial Cleanser with Activated Charcoal and Vocanic Ash:
*This is great for detoxing and purifying the skin!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Intensive Keratin Treatment

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo

NUFACE Facial Toning Device

Benefit They're Real MASCARA (I found this link where you get a trial size and a big one too)



AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE ELLIE'S FAVORITES (they are hilarious), watch hers:

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee

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