Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My New Favorite Lipsticks: MAC Retro Matte

 Oh these Lipsticks are my lips new BFF.
These are the just out, ALL NEW RETRO MATTE LIPSTICKS from MAC Cosmetics, baby!

They are called RETRO MATTE, because of the "vintage" matte mouth color, they spank on your lips, due to the Kaolin Clay in them. RUBY WOO, is the Retro Matte shining star, and if you don't own it, you need to go buy it, it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE RED LIP COLOR! Because of Ruby Woo's popularity, they decided to create these 7 other shades, that will be in MAC's permanent collection- hooray!!!

*Unlike "glossier" or more emollient bright lipcolors, these won't get all over your teeth, face, get the idea.
*They are highly pigmented.
*Very opaque - you get high color coverage.
*I love the "retro" matte lip, it's just beautiful and I love it!
*Same classic MAC, perfect-hint-of-vanilla in scent and "flavor".

They say it's too dry, but that's a simple solution, just apply some lip balm on top and voila, more moisture! And you still get the power-pigment and less glossiness of other lipstick. No one wants a stray hair to whip through their "glossy" lipstick, and drag a streak of color across their cheek!

So here's the colors from LEFT to RIGHT:

RELENTLESSLY RED- a cool-pink-red
DANGEROUS- a warm, orange-toned red
ALL FIRED UP - (MY FAVORITE OF THESE) the perfect deep-rose, hot pink
*as seen below from my NEW Beauty News & Reviews video, which I'll put below!

STEADY GOING- a cool pale pink
RUNWAY HIT - a peachy nude color
FLAT OUT FABULOUS - a fuchsia (more purple hue in it than All Fired Up)
FIXED ON DRAMA - a dark burgundy-raisin color (this would be great with Night Moth Lipliner)

I love everyone of these shades...but the product I love most from MAC is their lip colors anyway!

And here's my, yes I've brought it back...The Beauty News & Reviews video (but, yes, I did forget my glasses) but it is fun, the 80's play a big part (you'll see) and the ending has a special little message for anyone who watches it and I show you all these lipsticks too:

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, giving you the scoop on the latest beauty goodies too, your Kandee

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