Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Hello Kitty Backpack

I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was about 5. And I thought it would be fun to figure out a way to make a DIY HELLO KITTY BACKPACK!

This is a bag for all ages of fun-loving, Hello Kitty fans, from 1-10! It's easy, fast, and people will be in awe at your creative skills, when they ask where you got it, and you say: I MADE IT!

So here's how to take a plain ol' backpack and turn it into this, adorable, super cute and happy backpack of awesomeness:


#1. WHITE BACK PACK- I got this Jansport backpack at Tilly's, but when I went to find a link for you guys online, I found this one was way cheaper, so, enjoy not paying as much as I did, hee hee:

#2. DECOFABRIC PENS in Black and Yellow- I got mine at Michael's Crafts but you can get them online here:
DECOFABRIC PENS (I tried it with some other fabric pens and a Sharpie pen I had, but they both bled the ink really badly, the Deco Pens didn't do that at all)

#3. RED RIBBON BOW- Celebrate It Red Ribbon (I got it at Michael's Crafts on the Ribbon Aisle)

#4. A seam-ripper or screw (to remove the "Jansport label")

#5. Scissors

#6. The tag from the backpack to use for the center of the bow

#7. A juice bottle cap or anything round to use to trace

#8. A Pen

#9. A Nickel or and coin to use to mark the width of the eyes

#10. Safety Pins: 1 big one and 2 small ones

Now come hang out with me for a few minutes and I'll show you how I made this!
(to watch it bigger, click the Youtube logo in the lower right corner of the video)

 And if you guys make this Hello Kitty backpack, will you please send me picture of it on twitter or instagram, I'm @kandeejohnson on both of those!

Huge hugs and Hello Kitty-ness, your virtual BFF, Kandee

PS. I have more ideas for backpacks, especially a Minnie Mouse one, do you guys want to see more!

If you want to peek into our days, come visit us in Kandeeland.

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