Friday, August 2, 2013

Vidcon Outfit Of The Day

This is my outfit. If anyone is at Vidcon and sees this outfit and wants a hug, come up and let me squeeze ya!

I've got my tourist "I heart NY" shirt that I cut up on.
White Hanes' Men's Tank Top
Star Frankie B Jeans
Minnetonka Moccasins

Make-Up of the Day:
Perfect Red Lip Liner from Too Faces
Riri Woo MAC red lipstick
And the tutorial for this eyemakeup will be up ext week!!!!

I'm off and racing to Vidcon, which is basically like a convention for youtube-ness!

If you missed my video yesterday, come and enjoy a "fast-talkin" kandee, you will see a better look at he make-up I have on too, it's like same\. I'm totally in love/obsessed with doing my eyemakeup like this right now:

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